Sunday, January 6, 2008


Peter Spaulding, John McCain 2008 New Hampshire Chair, issued the following statement on this evening's ABC/WMUR debate:
"Tonight in New Hampshire, John McCain was the only president on the stage. He showed New Hampshire voters that he is the one candidate with the experience and judgment to lead our nation, take on our toughest challenges and strengthen our national security.

"It's this same experience and judgment that served John well when he called for change in Iraq. When the other candidates stood silently, John McCain showed leadership when it counted and stood alone in calling for a change to the strategy in Iraq -- a strategy that is working today.
"A lot of candidates talk about change. John McCain is the only candidate with a tested record of bringing change to Washington and a lifetime history of standing for what is right, not poll tested or popular. John will restore trust in government because he is a man of integrity who does what he says. John McCain will do the work our country needs done: balancing the budget, lowering taxes, cutting spending, solving climate change and reforming health care. On Tuesday, New Hampshire voters can choose a candidate who will tackle the tough issues -- they can choose John McCain."

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