Friday, October 30, 2009

Graves to Speak at Atlanta Tea Party: One Year to Judgment Day

State Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ranger), Republican candidate for Congress in Georgia’s 9th District, will speak at Monday’s “Atlanta Tea Party: One Year to Judgment Day” at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta. Graves will join his good friend radio talk show host Herman Cain, Martha Zoller of WDUN in Gainesville, award winning country music artist John Berry and many others. The rally begins at 6:00 pm and is hosted by Larry Wachs of The Regular Guys at Rock 100.5. The tea party is hosted by Georgia Tea Party Patriots, the Atlanta Tea Party, FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity, and Smart Girl Politics. The public and press are invited to attend.

Graves was a speaker at the April 15th Tea Party in Atlanta and the National Tea Party and Taxpayer March on Washington.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Graves Endorses Doug Hoffman in NY-23

State Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ranger), Republican candidate for the 9th Congressional District of Georgia, released the following statement endorsing Doug Hoffman in the special election for New York’s 23rd Congressional District:

“Now more than ever, conservative leaders are needed in Washington that will put principles before politics; leaders who will stand up for the Constitution and our conservative values. Doug Hoffman is a businessman, not a career politician, and his business experience and commitment to free-market solutions is what is needed in the U.S. House. When I am elected, I look forward to working with conservatives in the House and Senate who will work effectively to advance a conservative agenda in order to get this country back on track. In a day when we are experiencing excessive spending, a disregard for the taxpayer and an erosion of freedoms on a daily basis, there is no greater time to elect strong leaders to stand up for America and her freedom. Doug Hoffman is a candidate that I will be proud to stand with in Washington and the people of New York’s 23rd Congressional District should be proud to elect Doug Hoffman to the U.S. Congress.”

Graves joins Georgia U.S. Reps. John Linder (GA-7) and Paul Broun (GA-10) and other notable conservatives in endorsing Hoffman.


Graves, who is in his fourth term representing House District 12, was first elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in 2002. He has chaired numerous subcommittees, served in several leadership positions and been recognized statewide as a conservative leader. He received a 2009 “National Legislator of the Year” from the American Legislative Exchange Council, a 2009 “Guardian of Small Business” Award from the National Federation of Independent Business, the 2009 “Legislator of the Year” Award from the Georgia Retail Association, the 2009 “Legislator of the Year” from the 9th Congressional District of Georgia and was nationally recognized as the “Legislative Entrepreneur of the Year Award” by the Freedom Works Foundation for his tireless effort to stem the tide of expansive government and reduce the tax burden on Georgians. Georgia Trend’s named Graves to its “40 under 40, Georgia’s Best and the Brightest” and he received the endorsement from the Club for Growth PAC, a free-market, free enterprise group of conservatives.

Graves grew up in White, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia, where he earned a Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance. Graves is a small businessman, past member of the Gordon County Board of Elections and an active member of the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce. He is married to Julie, a native of Marietta, and the couple has three children, JoAnn, John, and Janey. They attend the Belmont Baptist Church in Calhoun.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rep. Scott Breaks National Walking Record

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Rep. Austin Scott announced that he now holds the record for the longest walk by an American politician, taking the record previously held by former Florida Governor and U.S. Senator Lawton Chiles since 1970.

"I'm surprised that the 'Walkin’ Lawton' record stood as long as it did," said Scott. "I guess there just aren't that many politicians who want to walk throughout their states the way I did."

The Chiles walk was recorded as 1,003 miles and Scott's walk is officially recorded as 1,068. To put a walk of this length into perspective, it can be measured in several ways:
From Atlanta:

· More than 250 miles West of Dallas, Texas
· More than 100 miles North of Toronto, Canada
· 90 miles past Omaha, Nebraska
· To Grenada, Mississippi, and back, twice.
From New York City:
· Within 10 miles of Little Rock, Arkansas
· More than 70 miles West of Iowa City, Iowa
· Within 40 miles of Orlando, Florida

"The quest to understand people doesn't come from inside the Capitol or from a room full of lobbyists,” said Scott. “It comes from continuous dialogue with the people to be served. It comes from interacting with and knowing the people and places that comprise a place, a state and a nation. It is difficult to get where you are going without knowing where you are from, and I pledge that as Governor, I will never forget the people I met or the places I saw on my walk."

Austin Scott is a Republican from Tifton who has served House District 153 for 14 years. He is Chairman of the House Governmental Affairs Committee. To learn more about Austin Scott for Georgia visit or follow him on his Facebook and Twitter web pages.
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Erin Grizzle, Miss United States 2009, Endorses Graves’ Campaign for Congress

Ellijay native and former Apple Queen newest GA-9 Freedom Fighter

Current Miss United States Erin Grizzle became the newest GA-9 Freedom Fighter supporting State Rep. Tom Graves’ bid for Congress. Grizzle, who was the grand marshal of this year’s Apple Festival Parade, endorsed Graves at the beginning of this year’s parade.

“Tom Graves is a strong conservative and exactly the kind of leader we need in Washington,” said Grizzle. “I encourage Ellijay and Gilmer County to join me and elect Tom to the U.S. Congress.”

“It’s an honor to have Erin join our campaign and lend her support to this effort,” said Graves. “All of us in the Graves Brigade enjoyed the Apple Festival Parade and having Erin become the latest GA-9 Freedom Fighter is a big honor for our campaign.”

Graves was joined by State Sen. Chip Pearson and nearly twenty GA-9 Freedom Fighters who worked the parade route during this year’s Apple Festival Parade.

Grizzle, who is originally from Ellijay, won the Miss United States title in Las Vegas this past July. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia in 2004 with degrees in both public relations and political science. Following graduation, Grizzle worked in the political arena, first as an assistant campaign manager and then as legislative aide to State Sen. Chip Pearson. She has also worked in the Georgia Governor’s Office. In 2008, she completed her M.B.A. at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Following graduation, Grizzle began her career as a business consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton, a Fortune 500 company, where she is currently employed.

She is the daughter of Jackie and Susan Grizzle of Ellijay, and resides in Atlanta.

Grizzle’s endorsement is a reflection of her personal political viewpoint, and do not reflect the political views or stance of the United States Pageant.


Graves, who is in his fourth term representing House District 12, was first elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in 2002. He has chaired numerous subcommittees, served in several leadership positions and been recognized statewide as a conservative leader. He received the 2009 “Guardian of Small Business” Award from the National Federation of Independent Business, 2009 “Legislator of the Year” Award from the Georgia Retail Association, the “2009 Legislator of the Year” from the 9th Congressional District of Georgia and was nationally recognized as the “Legislative Entrepreneur of the Year Award” by the Freedom Works Foundation for his tireless effort to stem the tide of expansive government and reduce the tax burden on Georgians.

Graves grew up in White, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia, where he earned a Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance. Graves is a small businessman, past member of the Gordon County Board of Elections and an active member of the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce. He is married to Julie, a native of Marietta, and the couple has three children, JoAnn, J.T., and Janey. They attend the Belmont Baptist Church in Calhoun.
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Our Country Deserves Better: Support Doug Hoffman, NY

You've heard the news by now - there's a hotly contested congressional race taking place in Upstate New York.

It's not your typical election, in fact it's a Special Election to fill a vacant seat that had been held by a Republican. Here's where the problem comes in: there are 3 candidates but only 1 of them is a conservative.

On the ballot are a liberal Democrat, a liberal Republican and a Conservative candidate, Doug Hoffman. We here at the Our Country Deserves Better Committee are supporting the Conservative candidate, Doug Hoffman, just as other conservative leaders like Fred Thompson and Gov. Sarah Palin have.

How liberal is that liberal Republican, Dede Scozzafava? This should answer the question for you: the founder of the far-Left Daily Kos website, Markos Moulitsas, has endorsed her over the Democrat. As the New York Times reported with glee:

Roughly two weeks ago, Ms. Scozzafava received a prominent endorsement, though not necessarily a very helpful one for a Republican. In a post on his Daily Kos Web site, the liberal activist Markos Moulitsas called Ms. Scozzafava “actually the most liberal candidate in the race."

The Special Election takes place November 3rd - which means time is running out in this campaign. We are asking all supporters of the Our Country Deserves Better Committee to make a contribution to help us support Conservative Doug Hoffman in this race. Let's send a message to the Republican Establishment: STOP SUPPORTING RINO's (Republican's In Name Only) and get back to the conservative principles that make this country great.

You can make a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 -- all the way up to $5,000. To contribute online - JUST CLICK HERE.

Or, you can mail in a contribution to our PAC Finance Headquarters:

Our Country Deserves Better Committee
ATTN: Betty Presley, Treasurer
30151 Tomas Street
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Again, the maximum allowed contribution is $5,000 per individual. Most of you will be able to afford less than that. Whatever you contribute, whether it's $25 or $50 or $100, or a more generous contribution of $250, $500 or $1,000 - it will go a long way with limited time left in this race.

If we're going to take back our country, folks, we're going to have to put our money where our mouths are, and win seats for good, solid, conservative candidates. In this case, we have a strong choice. No need for "lesser-of-the-evils" here. So please, show your support by making a contribution to our campaign to support Doug Hoffman for U.S. Congress.
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Rob Wasinger, Candidate for Congress, Kansas

Are you tired of politics as usual in Washington?

Are you tired of the Republican Party establishment anointing liberal candidates, instead of letting local primary voters choose who they want their candidate to be?

I know I am! That's why I'm running for Congress and that's what I'm up against in this very competitive race.

One of my self-funding, liberal Republican opponents has been circulating an invitation all around Washington for a private, backroom meeting at the National Republican Congressional Committee in a hope to raise money from powerful lobbyists and party insiders.

The invitation includes an interesting sentence: "Sen. Barnett proposes and passes common sense legislation so no matter which side of the aisle you are on the legislation is passed."

What "common sense" legislation is my liberal opponent talking about?.

.. my opponent pushed and passed a statewide smoking ban in the Kansas State Senate
... my opponent supported a liberal health care plan proposed by then-Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and supported her to become Obama's secretary of HHS
... my opponent pushed government funding of a risky procedure to reduce obesity by wrapping "a band around the upper portion of the stomach, restricting the ability to overeat"
... my opponent supported a government-run beer keg registration program funded by a massive tax increase on alcohol

Without a doubt, my opponent is nothing but a big government liberal who believes that government -- not families and local communities -- is the solution to all societal problems.

I hope you'll help me fight back!

As chief-of-staff to Senator Sam Brownback, I learned quickly that we need less government and the last thing the American people desire is a nanny state.

Please help me today in my fight to defeat this liberal, big government Republican.

My candidacy is dependent on a broad base of donors from across the country who believe that the Republican Party must return to its conservative roots and embrace candidates who stand for Republican principles, not run away from them.

Please help me send a message to the Republican establishment with a donation of $500, $250, $75, $50, $25, $10, $5 or whatever you can afford today.

My wealthy, liberal opponent has already donated himself $100,000 to buy this race, and now he's turning to the Washington elite for more money.

Races shouldn't be all about money. In explaining why the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is backing liberal Republican, ACORN supported Dede Scozzafava in the special NY-23 race, a spokesperson said today that "the money was happy with her."

... That is outrageous!

I know I can win this race with the help of grassroots supporters like you. My race has been ranked as one of the top 10 most competitive in the nation, and I am going to need a big team to win it!

I have the grassroots support here on the ground in Kansas. Already, I've been endorsed by over 80 community leaders. I'm on my second tour of all 69 counties of the district, which is bigger than the state of Illinois!

Please help my campaign today. I am honored to be endorsed by conservative leaders such as Fred Thompson, and I want your endorsement as well!

Anything you can afford to donate helps and I am very grateful.Thank you for your support!

Rob Wasinger

Candidate for Congress1st District of Kansas, Open Seat

P.S. My liberal, big government opponent has already donated $100,000 to his own campaign to try and defeat me, and now he's headed to Washington to raise more money from the Republican establishment. Please help me fight back with a contribution of whatever you can afford today! I am extremely grateful for your support!

P.P.S: Below is a picture of me, my wife Meg, and our nine children. When elected to Congress, I will fight for the future of our children and grandchildren and will bring conservative values to Washington. We need more public servants, not career politicians. Please help my campaign today!

(Note: we didn't include the photo, but wow, hats off to anyone who can keep up with nine kids! Nice looking family. Go visit Rob's website to see the photo and learn more - gfp)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Doug MacGinnitie Launches Effort to Increase Voting Opportunities for Military Personnel

Republican candidate for Georgia Secretary of State Doug MacGinnitie today launched an effort to increase opportunities for active duty service members and Reservists serving on active duty to participate in Georgia elections.

Research done by the Heritage Foundation in 2008 shows that 75-80% of military voters from across the United States were disenfranchised by their inability to request and return an absentee ballot within time limits as required by law. To make matters worse, for those who did cast an absentee ballot; local officials often reject military absentee ballots at far higher rates than other absentee ballots.

"Our men and women in uniform are putting their lives on the line to defend our freedoms," said MacGinnitie. "We should do everything possible to ensure they have the opportunity to participate in the most basic of American rights, the right to vote."

In Georgia all absentee ballots must be returned by 7pm on election day. In runoffs, it is virtually impossible for active duty personnel forward deployed in hazardous duty environments; serving on ships or aboard submarines to request and return a ballot in four weeks.

To address this problem, MacGinnitie has created his Military Voting Advisory Committee, composed of veterans and reservists from across the state. Experts from the legal and technology communities will also serve on the committee to assist in their respective fields. The mission is to develop policy ideas to solve this critical flaw in our voting laws.

"Our current Secretary of State has done an outstanding job focusing on stopping voter fraud, and has implemented reforms to help military voters. As Secretary of State, I will ensure Georgia leads the nation in giving active military voters the opportunity to cast a ballot," said MacGinnitie.

The members of MacGinnitie's Military Voting Advisory Committee include:

Brad Carver, Esq., Hall Booth Smith & Slover, P.C.
Brigadier General Walter C. Corish, Jr., GAANG, Ret.
Major General (Ret.) Bruce W. MacLane, USAF
Lieutenant Colonel Oz Hill, USA, Ret.
Jim Lester III, retired CIO AFLAC, former chairman Georgia Technology Authority
Brigadier General Denis Shortal, USMC, (RET)
Craig Thornton, President, Cnetics Technologies

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

McDonnell Expands Lead in Virginia Governor's Race

/PRNewswire/ -- Two weeks before Virginia's voters cast their ballots, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell has an 8-point lead over Democratic opponent Creigh Deeds, according to a statewide poll conducted October 18-19 by Clarus Research Group.

In the latest poll, McDonnell leads Democrat Creigh Deeds 49 to 41 percent with 10 percent undecided.

An earlier Clarus Poll, taken September 10-14, showed McDonnell leading Deeds by 5 points, posting a 42-37 percent margin with 20 percent undecided.

"So far in the general election, Deeds has failed to gain sustained momentum," said Ron Faucheux, president of Clarus. "Over the past five weeks, McDonnell has expanded his lead as he's weathered attacks on his record as a social conservative."

"Since our last poll in mid-September, McDonnell has gained 7 points and Deeds has gained 4 points," said Faucheux. "While anything can happen between now and Election Day, the fundamentals favor McDonnell."

"Compared to five weeks ago, Deeds has increased his support in Northern Virginia and in the Southeast/Central part of the state. But larger gains by McDonnell more than offset those by Deeds. McDonnell's major gains came from independents statewide and voters in the Southwest/Western region," added Faucheux.

The poll found that the major motivation for Deeds' voters is their support for the Democratic Party while the primary motivation for McDonnell's supporters is because they like him personally.

Clarus Research Group is nonpartisan polling and research firm based in Washington, D.C. The poll was taken by Clarus for its own use and was not paid for or sponsored, by any client, candidate or political party committee.

The survey, which was conducted by live telephone interviewers October 18-19, 2009, had a sample of 605 Virginia voters and a margin or error of +/- 4 percent. Trial heat results were based on likely voters who said they were definitely or possibly going to vote in the November 3, 2009 elections. Voters who said they were definitely not going to vote were excluded from the sample for the trial heats.

The Clarus Poll found:

-- Despite heavy Democratic attacks on McDonnell's views on the role of
women in society, McDonnell now edges Deeds among women by one point,
45-44 percent. McDonnell posts a sizable 14-point lead among men
-- Since the mid-September poll, Deeds has gained 4 points among women
while McDonnell has gone up 5 points. Among men, Deeds gained 3 points
over the past five weeks while McDonnell jumped 8 percent.
-- McDonnell now has a strong 14-point advantage among Independent
voters, topping Deeds 50-36 percent. In the mid-September Clarus
Poll, McDonnell led Deeds among this critical swing vote group by half
his current margin, 7 points.
-- McDonnell leads Deeds in every major demographic group in the
Commonwealth except Northern Virginians, voters under 30 and African
-- Deeds holds a massive 72-point lead among African Americans, winning
this vote 79-7 percent. He beats McDonnell 50-43 percent in Northern
Virginia and 48-41 percent among voters 18-29.
-- McDonnell leads white voters by a solid 26 points, 58-32 percent. He
also carries the Southeastern/Central part of the state 45-42 percent
and the Southwest/Western region by a thumping 28 points, 57-29
-- Among voters 65 and older, McDonnell beats Deeds by a wide 54-37
percent margin.
-- McDonnell's expanded statewide lead is largely attributable to his
increased support in the Southwest/Western part of the state, where he
nearly doubled his mid-September 15-point lead to a 28-point advantage
-- Regionally, Deeds has improved his position in Northern Virginia since
the mid-September poll, going from 45 percent to 50 percent while
McDonnell has moved from 40 percent to 43 percent in the region. Deeds
has improved his support in the Southeastern/Central part of the
state, going from 36 percent to 42 percent while McDonnell has
increased his strength from 41 percent to 46 percent.
-- McDonnell leads Republicans 89-4 percent. Deeds wins Democrats 86-6
-- Thirty-seven percent of McDonnell's voters said the major reason
they're supporting him is because they like him. That was followed by
26 percent saying they're for McDonnell because they want to support
the Republicans, 10 percent who want to oppose the Democrats and 10
percent who dislike Deeds.
-- Thirty-eight percent of Deeds' voters said the major reason they're
for him is to support the Democrats. That was followed by those who
like Deeds (25 percent), those who don't like McDonnell (18 percent),
and those who want to oppose the Republicans (5 percent).
-- Fifty-one percent of voters who remain undecided in the gubernatorial
race said they don't know enough about the candidates to make a
decision and 24 percent said they have doubts about both candidates.
-- The poll also found that Republicans have the edge in the other two
statewide races. Republican Bill Bolling leads Democrat Jody Wagner
for lieutenant governor, 42-35 percent with 23 percent undecided.
Republican Ken Cuccinelli leads Democrat Steve Shannon 41-33 percent
for Attorney General with 26 percent undecided.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Marriage—under attack again‏

The family is under attack, and in Washington DC this weekend, so is the President. The GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender) community is hosting an Equality March on Washington to let the President know that between solving the healthcare crisis in America, writing his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, and taking over car companies, he needs to come through on some of the promises he made to the gay lobby during the election.

In last year’s election, California, Florida and Arizona flexed their bi-partisan muscles and said “no thank you” to radically altering the oldest institution in human history—marriage. These states join Georgia and 25 other states whose constitutions ban gay marriage. The stunning electoral defeat last year looks to me like a mandate for traditional marriage to anyone with eyes—but the media and gay rights activists are not spinning it that way. The gay marriage issue has lost in every single state, and in a year of record Democratic turnout, it lost again—even in California.

Why is that? Because one of the most important issues to conservative voters is the institution of marriage. But not just white voters. Many minority voters are very traditional in this area and they tell me they resent the gay lobby “hijacking” the civil rights movement for something
besides skin color or gender. Those on the other side of this argument, made up of mostly Democrats, the gay community and special interests, have utilized any and every thing to secure civil marriage for themselves—including municipal governments, state legislatures,
executive orders, courts, and did I mention, courts. The GLBT lobby and activist groups have employed every tactic to distort ballot initiatives and spin the issue as something other than what it is. Now, they want to apply pressure to President Obama and have him deliver for them.

How will they do that? The gay rights movement that defines itself mostly on private behaviors will be marching in the streets in Washington, DC this weekend and making demands on public policy. They want to redefine marriage. They insist on teaching children in the public schools that same-sex marriage is morally equivalent to traditional marriage. I am asking Georgians of all races to come together on the issue of traditional marriage and do all we can to protect this sacred institution.

The bottom line of all of this is that the devaluing of marriage has enormous consequences. One only needs to look at the research and statistics from the Netherlands to see how the devaluation of marriage has caused more and more people not to marry. The institution of marriage, one of the oldest on the planet, is the bedrock of civilization. And for that reason, all of us need to come together to protect marriage.

All that said, those who are engaged in homosexual behavior are people—who need love and forgiveness, and who need to understand the love of God. It is hard to engage in cultural battle and still have people feel that you love and accept them. Ugly rhetoric, inappropriate jokes, and ridicule should be off limits. And most importantly, we need to do a better job in our own marriages so we don’t lose the moral authority to talk about this issue. We obviously have a lot of work to do.

By John Oxendine

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Oxendine Statement on Disclosure of State Pensions

Insider Advantage writer Dick Pettys reports that according to ERS, it no longer is possible for the taxpayers of Georgia to find out a full disclosure on state pensions. This means that taxpayers cannot discover which pensioner is getting what from state government.

Mr. Pettys reminds us that state employees, while on active duty, have their salaries easily accessible for all to see. But when a taxpayer-funded employee retires, their pension information is protected from their bosses, the taxpayers of Georgia.

Mr. Pettys reports state law was changed during the 1997 session of the Legislature, when Democrats still were in control of both chambers.

O.C.G.A. 47-1-14(b) “…the following records maintained by a retirement system are exempted from being open to inspection by the general public:…(4) any business, financial, or personal information in the possession of such retirement system concerning a party other than such retirement system."

I want to congratulate WGCL (TV 46) reporter Wendy Saltzman and the station’s owner, Meredith Corp, for their initial work on this matter. I also congratulate Dick Pettys for his work on this issue too.

Let me be perfectly clear on this issue. If it is in fact true that ERS is refusing to release this information based on any interpretation of any state law, that will change in January, 2011. Should I become Governor, I will direct my legal counsel in the first days of an Oxendine Administration to meet with the heads of every Georgia retirement system and the Attorney General.

If I receive confirmation that these reports are true, I will direct my Administration Floor Leaders to immediately introduce legislation to reverse this outrageous policy and practice.

Every state employee needs to understand that all of us, including me, are employees of the taxpayers of Georgia. They are our bosses and they have every right to know about our compensation. Period.

I call on Governor Perdue, Lt. Governor Cagle, and Speaker Richardson to act prior to 2011 and move legislation early in the 2010 Session to address these allegations and provide facts to the taxpayers that they remain in charge of their state employees.

John Oxendine
Governor 2010

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Opinion: No More Tax Benefits for Illegals!‏

Every day, in cities throughout the United States, illegal immigrants take advantage of expensive health care services paid for with taxpayer dollars. What have Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Obama done to prohibit this massive abuse of our financial resources?

Not a single thing. In fact, Pelosi and Obama are threatening to open up the entire health care system to every Illegal Immigrant.

It's time we fight back and make our voices heard. Nathan Deal has been leading the fight in Congress to stop illegal immigrants from getting taxpayer-funded health care benefits. In fact, he wrote the law requiring every state to verify identity and citizenship prior to enrolling anyone in Medicaid. No one has been more aggressive about ensuring precious health care funds go only to those here legally.

Just last month, Nathan offered an amendment to the Democrat government-run health care scheme that would prevent illegal immigrants from getting taxpayer-funded Medicaid benefits by simply requiring verification that an individual is a U.S. Citizen, or in this country legally. But the Democrats defeated Nathan's amendment on a mostly party-line vote.

It's time to demand citizenship verification for taxpayer-funded services. We can't wait any longer. With your help, and with one, loud voice, we can force Nancy Pelosi and liberal Democrats to close this loophole once and for all.

Deal for Governor

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Opinion: Mary Norwood's Plan to Pave Over Positive Solutions for Transportation‏

Most people have probably heard that Mary Norwood has taken issue with John Oxendine and his effort to start a discussion on solutions to Georgia's transportation crisis. After John Oxendine offered via video a series of positive transportation proposals and ideas, Mary Norwood went ballistic. She could not resist attacking John Oxendine with a series of negative "robo" calls - all in an effort to get her elected as Mayor of Atlanta apparently.

Norwood has a problem being positive and being honest though. After Norwood’s public criticism, John Oxendine reached out and invited Mary Norwood to discuss in a respectful and positive manner the important issue of transportation. This was not a debate or some “trick” in order to embarrass Norwood, but a genuine effort to jumpstart a conversation between two public officials. But instead of sitting down for a constructive conversation, Mary Norwood would rather use John Oxendine to prop up her campaign in an effort to score political points. This is unfortunate.

The real truth is John Oxendine wants to save Atlanta neighborhoods. It is John Oxendine who understands that traffic and congestion impacts the quality of life in Atlanta's in-town communities. The truth is that John Oxendine wants to involve all stakeholders to find 21st century solutions for this crisis.

Mary Norwood could actually do great harm to Atlanta’s intown neighborhoods by refusing to address the crisis. This transportation crisis begs for solutions—not cheap political tricks or slogans. And if Mary Norwood somehow gets elected Mayor and decides she still wants to pit Atlanta against the rest of the metro area, we'll fight her, and then we'll beat her. Atlanta and its traffic problems can't be allowed to choke the very life of our state.

Until she is elected, she should quit trying to use the Governor's race to get some cheap publicity.


Tim Echols
Campaign Manager
John Oxendine 2010

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