Monday, January 28, 2008


U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign announced that John Matlusky, Delaware Republican National Committeeman and former Delaware Republican Party Vice-Chair, has endorsed John McCain for president. Matlusky will serve as Vice-Chair of Senator McCain's Delaware campaign. He joins Congressman Michael Castle, who serves as Chair, and Speaker of the House Terry Spence, who serves as Co-Chair, on John McCain's Delaware leadership team.

"John McCain is the only candidate ready to lead as commander in chief from day one," said John Matlusky. "His principled leadership, unmatched national security experience and consistent advocacy of fiscal responsibility are exactly the qualities the people of Delaware looking for in our next president. John McCain is the strongest leader for our party to face the Democrats this Fall. I am proud to support him for president."

Senator John McCain expressed his appreciation for Mr. Matlusky's support, stating, "I'm proud to have a strong Republican leader like John as part of our leadership team as we work towards victory in Delaware on February 5th."

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