Monday, January 28, 2008


Governor Mitt RomneyFox News' "America's Newsroom"January 28, 2008

Fox News' Megyn Kelly: "He was asked about his prior statements saying, 'He knows less about the economy than he knows about certain other issues.' He accuses you of exploiting that to say, 'McCain admits he doesn't know anything about the economy.' What's the truth?"

Governor Mitt Romney: "Well, he's spoken several times about it. He actually said that if he was going to select a Vice President, it would have to be somebody who understood the economy because that wasn't something he was terribly familiar with.

"He spoke both in '05 and again in '07, both times saying that he was not terribly familiar with how the economy worked, and I think he's right. Frankly, I think the pieces of legislation he's noted for suggest a lack of understanding of how the economy works.

"In particular, McCain–Lieberman, this is a bill that would add a $1,000 to people's gasoline bill every year, a gas tax if you will. And it's imposed only on Americans, and instead of saying this should be done on a global basis. Global warming is not called America warming for a reason. America is not the largest emitter of CO2. China is and putting in place a bill which cost Americans $1,000 a family and costs the Chinese nothing makes no sense at all. It would cost us jobs in this country, at the same time put a huge burden on American homeowners. So it underscores the fact when he indicates that he's not terribly strong on the economy, that he's right."

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