Sunday, January 27, 2008


1/25/08 Today in Miami, Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) endorsed John McCain for President of the United States.
Senator Martinez issued the following statement on endorsing John McCain:
"John McCain is the only candidate ready to lead as commander in chief on day one. He alone has the experience, character and judgment to confront the challenges we face in a dangerous world. He is the one candidate I trust to deal decisively with the transcendent threat of radical Islamic extremism.
"I trust John McCain to reinvigorate our economy, cut taxes, eliminate wasteful spending and restore fiscal sanity in Washington. He understands that the best cure for our economic ills is to allow American families to keep more of what they earn.
"John McCain has firsthand knowledge of the evils of Communism. For decades, he's led the fight for human rights in Cuba and around the world. I have total confidence that John McCain will be Fidel Castro's worst nightmare.
"John McCain's unmatched national security credentials and strong consistent conservative record make him the best candidate to defeat the Democrats in November and lead Republicans to victory in 2008."
John McCain thanked Senator Martinez for his support, stating, "Over the past few years, I have had the honor of getting to know Mel Martinez. In that time, I have come to admire him for his leadership and his dedication to the people of Florida. His advice and counsel will be critical as we toward victory in Florida on Tuesday."

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