Sunday, January 6, 2008


Rick Davis, John McCain 2008 Campaign Manager, issued the following statement on this evening's ABC/WMUR debate:

"Tonight in New Hampshire, John McCain showed once again why he is the right choice in Tuesday's primary election. John McCain clearly demonstrated that he is uniquely ready to be commander in chief from day one in the Oval Office.

"The voters of New Hampshire also saw tonight that John McCain is the consistent conservative who will bring change to Washington. As president, he will not waver or equivocate in tackling America's toughest problems. John McCain articulated a clear message of conservative change and leadership. He has the courage of his convictions and a strong record of reform and taking on the Washington special interests.

"John McCain doesn't just talk, but rather has demonstrated courageous leadership time and time again. When others were silent or equivocated, he advocated a new strategy for success in Iraq that is now working. That's leadership when it counts.

"John McCain knows you can't buy votes in New Hampshire, negative attacks don't work and integrity matters. He's the real deal. He's the one Republican who can win in November against what will be a strong Democratic challenger. With John McCain, there will be little doubt which candidate is ready to be commander in chief in a dangerous world. Only he has the tenacity to shake things up in Washington, stop the reckless spending, and keep taxes low.

"John McCain's the man to beat the Democrats, hands down."

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