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Governor Mitt RomneyCNN's "Late Edition"January 27, 2008

CNN's Wolf Blitzer: "[Senator McCain] says you're just a manager, he's a leader."

Governor Romney: "Well, you know, I think I'm pretty proud of my record, 25 years in the business world, starting a business, making it an enormous success, turning around a company that was in trouble, going to the Olympics and helping get the Olympics get back on track. From there, becoming the Governor of Massachusetts, leading a state. I think my track record of being an executive leader is pretty clear.

"Senator McCain has been in the Senate for the last 20 years and frankly being a committee chairman is not leading a great organization or making great things happen. For that matter, you know, what's happened in Washington the last 25 years? Have you seen the kinds of results that America wanted? Did they get the job done? Unfortunately not. If he's been a leader, where has it led us?

"Look at his legislation. McCain-Feingold that hurt our First Amendment rights, McCain-Kennedy that was granting amnesty to 10 million illegal aliens and now McCain-Lieberman that wants to put a huge tax effectively on American gasoline buyers and rate-payers. His record is not the kind of leadership you want to have. I'm proud to be a leader that time and again has proven his mettle."

Wolf: "What would you do differently than the president would do. He's worked out a deal, an economic stimulus deal with the Republican and Democratic leadership in the Congress. What would you do differently? Because there are parts of it I'm sure you like, but there are other parts you're not necessarily thrilled by."

Governor Romney: "The two things I'd probably add to the legislation really relate to long-term growth incentives. One is to say to people who are making under $200,000 a year, they ought to be able to save their money tax-free, no tax on interest, dividends or capital gains. That allows people to save money. It builds capital for the economy. It puts more money in people's pockets as well. It's a good thing to get the economy going long-term. And secondly, something which I think is an idea whose time has come, for people 65 years of age and older, my view is that they should not have to have payroll taxes taken out of their incomes. That would encourage them to stay in the work force. It would give employers a big incentive hire older workers and that would grow our workforce and add jobs."

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