Saturday, February 28, 2009

Romney seeks early nod from the right

Mitt Romney returned yesterday to a conservative gathering where his 2008 presidential campaign was both birthed and buried, helping to establish the onetime moderate Massachusetts governor as a movement favorite, de-facto leader of an out-of-power party, and an early, default front-runner for the 2012 nomination.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Governor Sarah Palin's Endorsement of Governor Rick Perry

Below is a copy of the letter that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin sent to Texas Republican Women endorsing Governor Rick Perry for re-election in 2010

Dear Texas Republican Women,

After traveling all over this great country of ours, I have seldom found more endearing and inspiring women than Texas Republican women. You are independent, confident, and know how to make an impact in your state– much like the women of Alaska.

Because of your work, Texas is the largest red state in the nation, and it has a strong, conservative governor.

While a bunch of politicians have gone to Washington, hat in hand, seeking a bailout, Governor Perry has said we should stimulate the economy with tax cuts and maintain spending discipline. Rick Perry is true to conservative principles even when others think the party needs to go a different direction. I like that about him: he doesn’t care which way the wind blows, he acts on his beliefs.

That's why I am supporting Governor Rick Perry for re-election. He does what is right regardless of whether it is popular. He walks the walk of a true conservative. And he sticks to his guns – and you know how I feel about guns!

With our current economic crisis, and working families worried about their pensions, jobs, credit card debt and rising home foreclosures, we need strong conservative leadership in trend-setting states like Texas.

Rick Perry is a leader. While the nation lost half a million jobs in the last year, Texas gained 250,000 net new jobs. He improved the job climate in Texas by refusing to raise taxes in the face of the largest budget deficit in Texas history. He had the foresight to join legislators in saving for a rainy day. And he has consistently asked agency heads to cut their budgets even when surpluses were rolling in. My fellow Republicans, that’s consistent leadership. That's Rick Perry.

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Governor Perry has also advocated for greater domestic drilling for energy, and a diversified energy mix – including greater development of renewable sources – so America is not held hostage by Middle East ayatollahs and foreign dictators. But in order to overcome extremist opposition to responsible exploration, we need proven leaders in energy states like Texas who will not back down when it up comes to expanding the energy supply.

Let me say one more thing about my friend and your governor: he knows all human life is precious. Rick Perry believes in protecting the most vulnerable in society, and who is more vulnerable than an unborn child? Our value as human beings in the eyes of Our Creator is not diminished by any circumstance.

Not every child is born into ideal circumstances, but every life is sacred. Rick Perry knows this – it is at the core of his being.

Will you join me in supporting a true conservative for governor – Rick Perry? We need Texas’ diverse and strong economy to help pull us out of our economic troubles. That requires a proven CEO as the head of state government. Rick Perry is proven and principled. And we need that in the governor of our nation’s second largest state and most prosperous economy.

Sarah Palin

Oxendine Says Legislature and Congress Have Priorities in Wrong Place

Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine today questioned whether government will continue to worsen the pain of the citizens of our nation as politicians fail to embrace the principles that would jump-start this economy such as significant tax cuts.

"All I see elected officials doing is more of the same. Inflicting more grief on our hard-working citizens," Oxendine said. "If they truly understood sound economic principles as did Ronald Reagan and even Democrat John Kennedy, they would stumble over each other to significantly cut taxes. That's how you turn around an economy."

Oxendine pointed to the $790 billion so-called stimulus plan in Congress, a pork-laden spending measure he said will add to our nation's debt and potentially spark inflation in the near future.

"We also don't need to indebt future generations to pay the price for our government's mistakes and its lack of discipline when it comes to taking a knife to spending," Oxendine said.

"This so-called stimulus package is an invitation to expand social spending in our state government, irresponsible temporary solutions to serious issues, and larger state budgets," he said. "Instead of the current "Porkulus Bill," I urge the President and Congress to take steps that support small businesses across America and Georgia. Allow for the tax deduction for a new small business startup cost to double, to $10,000 from its current $5,000. Many people being laid off will be starting small businesses and this action is real stimulus right now," said Oxendine.

Here in Georgia, Oxendine said he is concerned Georgia's 1.7 million homeowners, farmers, and small business owners will see a tax increase later this year. That amount could be even greater if Governor Perdue vetoes legislation passed dealing with property tax relief since the bill made sure homeowners did not have to cover a shortfall in state revenues for this year's budget. If the governor does veto the bill, homeowners would not only have higher property tax bills later this year, but could also receive an additional tax bill of $300 to cover a shortfall for their last year's property tax bills.

"The party of less taxes and less government should get this one basic concept," Oxendine said. "In this tough, tough economy, when layoffs are happening every day, you absolutely do not ask taxpayers to pony up more money to fund government. You cut spending, period. You only fund services that are required by the Constitution. And we all know we have many services that aren't what the founders of this nation or this state envisioned taxpayers to be paying for."

"It is unfair for state officials to posture themselves as being a friend to counties, cities, and school boards when they are passing along unfunded mandates from Washington and the state Capitol," Oxendine said. "Our county commissioners, mayors and city council members are good people who deserve a state government that is a partner not an obstacle to local control."

John Oxendine
Oxendine for Governor 2010

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oxendine Says Put Family Values First; Opposes Attempt to Legalize Sunday Sales

Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, a 2010 candidate for the GOP nomination for Governor, today announced he will oppose any legislative attempts to legalize Sunday sales of alcohol in the 2009-10 term of the General Assembly.

"Republicans are supposed to be the party of family values. Where is the value in selling alcohol on the Lord's Day?" Oxendine asked.

Georgia lawmakers are considering legislation to allow Sunday package sales and in grocery stores on Sundays. Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle has said he would allow a vote on the issues in the state Senate.

Oxendine said he will join Gov. Sonny Perdue, the Georgia Christian Alliance, the Christian Coalition of Georgia, the Georgia Baptist Convention, and the Georgia Council on Moral and Civic Concerns opposing Sunday sales.

"I am proud to join hands with them and thousands of other Faith leaders and lay people all across Georgia of so many denominations who have taken a strong stand against Sunday sales in Georgia," Oxendine said. "I share the disappointment of many in the Faith Movement in Georgia that certain elected officials have moved away from the position they promised to support during their campaigns once they were in office.

"Unlike certain elected officials, I will keep my promise on this important issue of safety and Faith."

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