Monday, January 7, 2008

What the Media is Saying About Fred Thompson's Debate Performance

Fred Thompson was solid"

"Fred is solid. He just is....he has clearly given a great deal of thought to very big issues." (Mark Levin, 1/6)

"Fred's having a good night." (National Review Online, 1/6)

"Fred Thompson was solid" (National Review Online, 1/6)

"Fred is ever steady and ever conservative. It is hard to see why movement conservatives would not consider him seriously if Romney loses on Tuesday." (American Spectator, 1/6)

"On Social Security reform, Thompson sounds like a grown-up." (National Review Online, 1/6)

"Rudy is here...but he almost seems overshadowed by Fred (!) out of the gates." (Politico, 1/6)

"Fred Thompson talks as if he's polished off a tall glass of truth serum before he sat behind the desk tonight." (National Review Online, 1/6)

"...It appears that he just took Huckabee to school on the legal rules regarding captured al-Qaeda at Guantanamo Bay." (National Review Online, 1/6)

"It seems like between tonight and last night, Fred Thompson has found a style he's at home with, that works well for him..." (National Review Online, 1/6)

"Fred slides the knife in gently when he turns to Romney: 'Wasn't that Ted Kennedy at the bill signing for your health care plan?'" (National Review Online, 1/6)

"Then he explains to Huckabee that bringing Gitmo prisoners here would give them Habeus Corpus rights that they don't currently have. It's another Arthur Branch moment that works quite well for him." (National Review Online, 1/6)

"Thompson comes out and says the obvious - that all the talk of "change" is a reaction to Iowa, and that change is an inherent part of any election. 'I think what is more important is leadership.'" (National Review Online, 1/6)

"Fred knows how to do it. When he hits Romney on foreign policy, it doesn't sound snippy and bitter like McCain has done it this weekend." (National Review Online, 1/6)

"You've got to love his role as the grumpy conservative truth-squader for everyone. If only he could sit in on the Democratic debates too." (Rich Lowry, 1/6)

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