Monday, January 7, 2008

Fred Thompson to Supporters

Dear Friends,

The race for the Presidency is now underway. Fred's third-place finish in Iowa proved voters yearn for a clear conservative choice for the Republican nomination.

Now, the battle moves to South Carolina. Fred is taking his "Clear Conservative Choice: Hands Down!" bus tour there to talk directly to the people. The race has moved into Fred's neck of the woods where he is sure to do well.

But to make sure that happens he needs you to make phone calls. I know you want to do all you can to help Fred do well on January 19. Tomorrow, Tuesday January 8 from 5:00-9:00 pm Eastern Time we're holding national phone banks calling South Carolina voters. If you don't live in the Eastern Time Zone adjust accordingly. Please do not make a call after 9:00 pm ET.

All you need is your mobile or land line phone and a computer connected to the internet. With Phone for Fred we provide the phone numbers and a script. Simply go to Phone for Fred and select South Carolina to get started.

The South Caroina Primary is only 12 days away! Fred needs you to make personal contact with South Carolina voters. That will make a difference. Help Fred keep the momentum going after taking the bronze in Iowa. One hour tomorrow night will help Fred do well January 19th..

Sean Hackbarthe
Campaign Team
Friends of Fred Thompson

P.S. Phone for Fred makes it easy to help Fred in South Carolina. One hour Tuesday night and one hour on Saturday will make a difference.

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