Wednesday, February 27, 2008


U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today announced that six former Republican National Committee Chairmen, Senator Bill Brock, Ambassador Clayton Yeutter, Rich Bond, Jim Nicholson, Jim Gilmore and Ken Mehlman, have endorsed John McCain for president.
The campaign further announced that Ms. Sally Atwater, Council member of the Republican Women's Federal Forum and the wife of the late RNC Chairman Lee Atwater, has endorsed John McCain.

"John McCain is bringing our Party together around conservative principles on national security, fiscal responsibility and traditional values," said Ambassador Yeutter. "His experience, courage and character make him the only candidate ready to lead as commander in chief on day one. We must now unite the Party around our presumptive nominee, John McCain, and build toward victory in November."

Mr. Bond stated, "John McCain's conservative vision to keep America safe, prosperous and proud is uniting the Republican Party for victory in November. Now is the time to unite our Party behind our presumptive nominee, John McCain, and begin the great task of organizing to defeat the liberal Democrats and win a great victory for Republican values this fall."

Mr. Nicholson said, "John McCain offers the best chance we have to keep America safe and strong. There is no comparison."

John McCain thanked the former Party Chairs and Ms. Atwater, stating, "I admire these Republican leaders for their dedication, commitment and hard work on our Party's behalf, and I am proud to have their support. I look forward to drawing on their experience, knowledge and leadership as we continue to unite Republicans around conservative principles to defeat the Democrats and win a great victory in November."


Senator Bill Brock served as RNC Chairman from 1977-1981. He served in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives from Tennessee, and further as U.S. Trade Representative and Secretary of Labor in the Reagan Administration.

Ambassador Clayton Yeutter served as RNC Chairman from 1991-1992. He previously served as U.S. Trade Representative from 1985-1989 and Secretary of Agriculture from 1989-1991.

Rich Bond served as RNC Chairman from 1992-1993. He previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff in the White House.

Jim Nicholson served as RNC Chairman from 1997-2001. He served as Secretary of Veterans Affairs and U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See in the Bush Administration.

Jim Gilmore served as RNC Chairman from 2001-2002. He previously served as Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Ken Mehlman served as RNC Chairman from 2005-2006. He was previously Campaign Manager for President Bush's 2004 re-election campaign and White House Political Director during President Bush's first term.

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