Thursday, February 28, 2008

From McCain Campaign

Dear McCain Supporter,

So what only happens once every four years?

It's Leap Day tomorrow and that only happens once every four years.

We also have to the opportunity to elect a new president - once every four years.

In November 2008, we will have the opportunity to pick the next commander in chief to lead our country forward -- John McCain. This year we'll also have the opportunity to spend one extra day campaigning for the candidate of our choice -- John McCain.

It's hard to believe that the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary were only two months ago. Now we are looking at next week's big primaries in Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island, which should supply the remaining delegates needed for John McCain to capture the Republican nomination. He is taking his hopeful message of national security, lower taxes, fiscal conservatism, and congressional earmark reform to Americans across the country in townhall meetings, rallies, and interviews.

It is important for John McCain to win these primaries on Tuesday and we need your help to get there. Have you joined the campaign? Or would you consider an additional contribution to help us with these very important primary races? These states will be very important in the general election. We need to do everything we can to turn out our voters and show the strength and commitment of every Republican.

Please consider helping the senator with a contribution of either $366 in honor of the Leap Year or $250 -- a dollar for every day left until the general election.

Your contribution will help secure the Republican nomination for John McCain on Tuesday.
As always, we are grateful for your support.

The McCain Campaign

PS. Did you know that Leap Year was formally adopted by Pope Gregory in 1582? It's also the day that Dwight D. Eisenhower declared his candidacy for a second term. We see February 29th as the Friday before the Ohio and Texas primaries -- won't you "Leap" on board the campaign today? Many thanks.

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