Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Morning News Roundup

DNC Files Suit Against McCain for Spending Limits
(CNSNews.com) - The Democratic National Committee filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Monday claiming that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) violated spending limits associated with receiving matching public campaign funds. Political experts, however, noted that candidates who receive public funds are at a disadvantage due to the large sums spent in campaign politics

McCain Camp Says He Can Avoid Money Caps
WASHINGTON -- Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign told federal regulators Monday that he does not need their approval to withdraw from the public finance system for the primaries.

Bank Explains Terms of McCain Loan
WASHINGTON -- Lawyers for the bank that provided a crucial $4 million line of credit to John McCain's campaign late last year said Monday that the loan agreement was carefully drafted to give McCain the opportunity to withdraw from public financing during the primary elections.

McCain Fights Anti-Iraq Onslaught
Campaigning in Ohio on Monday, John McCain continued to try to shore up his credentials as the tough on terror candidate, earning a 30-second ovation at a town hall outside Cleveland for promising to stand strong against Al Qaeda.

Obama's Real Experience: His Candidacy
The best evidence of Obama’s readiness to lead the nation is the ability with which he has run for president. After all, what is more difficult, complicated, or challenging than getting elected president? What other life experience better illustrates one’s qualification to hold the office than a manifest skill in seeking it. For anyone who has ever been elected president, the race that sent them to the White House was the single most important event in their lives and dwarfs any other experience they might have had before running.

McCain: I Must Convince Americans on Iraq or I Lose … or Not
ROCKY RIVER, Ohio — John McCain said Monday that to win the White House he must convince a war-weary country that U.S. policy in Iraq is succeeding. If he can’t, “then I lose. I lose,” the Republican said.

McCain retracts comment he could lose on Iraq
CINCINNATI (Reuters) - Republican presidential front-runner John McCain on Monday retracted his earlier statement he would lose the November election if he did not convince Americans they were winning the war in Iraq.
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