Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison On John McCain

Excerpts From Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) On MSNBC Today

Sen. Hutchison: "I think Texans will love John McCain. He is a maverick. He is a war hero. Texas is a very pro-military state, very patriotic state. And I think that they will love John McCain, both in the primary and the general election."

Sen. Hutchison: "Well I think John McCain is the very most knowledgeable person that I have dealt with outside of the military on this issue. He called it right in the first place. I went to Iraq the first time with John McCain and he said then, we need more troops to stabilize the situation. I think, perhaps, had that happened when John McCain called for it four years ago, it would have been an easier process now. But now we're doing it. We are stabilizing the situation, and I think that Senator McCain will be able to show America, once we get into the general election, why it is important. We have not emboldened the terrorists by keeping our commitments in Iraq. What will embolden the terrorists is if we cut and run from Iraq and show weakness and let the terrorists take over. That would endanger America."

Sen. Hutchison: "I do want John McCain to win. ... And I think that we are going to have a real debate over tax cuts, over the security of our country, and I think John McCain will win."

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