Wednesday, February 13, 2008

McCain Update on Delegates

To: Team McCain
Re: Wrapping Up the Nomination

Last night, after our strong victories in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC, I put together an analysis of the state of the race for the Republican nomination. Including the delegates won last night, John McCain is now close to securing the number of delegates needed to be the presumptive Republican nominee. In addition, it is now mathematically impossible for Mike Huckabee to win enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination; there simply aren’t enough delegates left at stake for him to win.

Take a look at the following chart:

Results based on AP reporting

McCain Delegate Count
Current Delegate Count 839
Remaining Delegates Needed for Nomination 352
Available Delegates 774
% Needed to Win 35%

Huckabee Delegate Count
Current Delegate Count 241
Remaining Delegates Needed for Nomination 950
Available Delegates 774
% Needed to Win 123%

Despite the mathematical certainty, the field is not clear on our side and we must continue to wage an aggressive fight in the upcoming states, including Wisconsin, Washington, Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island. The sooner we wrap up this nomination fight, the sooner we can unify our party and begin to face the challenge of defeating the democrats in the fall. But we need your help to wage aggressive campaigns in these next primary states - will you make a contribution of $100, $200, $500 or whatever you can afford to help us wrap up the Republican nomination and head in the fight against the Obama and Clinton money machines?

Until John McCain secures 1,191 delegates, we must campaign aggressively for the Republican nomination, and that requires additional resources in some of the most populous states in the country. We cannot turn our attention to the Democrats and their enormous war chests until this nomination is secure, and we cannot accomplish that goal without your additional help.

Thank you for being part of Team McCain, for being with the campaign through thick and thin. We’ve won some exciting contests over the last two months, but the challenge is not over – we must continue to spread John McCain’s conservative message of lowering taxes, strengthening our economy, winning the war in Iraq, and fighting radical Islamic extremists. There is a lot of work ahead, but as John McCain has noted, there has never been an election where the choices between the two parties will be so stark. Please help us right now with your most generous contribution.

Rick Davis Campaign Manager

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