Monday, February 11, 2008

Mike Hucakabee: Super Saturday And Ice Packs

It was a Super Saturday. A big win in the Kansas Caucus, a popular vote win in Lousiana's primary and in Washington the vote is still undecided even though many news outlets have projected Sen. McCain as the winner. We are committed to making certain every vote in Washington is counted, and you can expect me to update you on the situtation soon. Now let's focus on Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Every vote is critical. Each and every vote. Let Washington be a lesson to us all, please contact everyone you know in these two states in the District of the Columbia and ask them to consider voting for our campaign. Make a list of the people you know living there and contact them today.

But don't stop there.

Contacting friends and family outside of Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia is just as important, because they might have connections to voters in these primaries. Please help us make calls into Virginia today. We have 40,000 calls to go. Contacting each of these voters is critical to our success on Tuesday.

Helping identify pro-Huckabee voters will give us the opportunity to remind these voters to get to the polls on Tuesday and VOTE HUCKABEE!

Lets look at the recent results for our online, volunteer phone program and the successes we have had:

Kansas: Made 28,000 Calls and We Won.

Georgia: Made 40,000 calls and We Won. A

labama: Made 20,000 Calls and We Won.

Tennessee: Made 15,000 Calls and We Won.

So will you help us make the remaining 40,000 calls into Virginia? Are there 10,000 individuals willing to call a minimum of 4 voters each? Making these calls will take about 5 minutes of your time today.

To make calls you must be a Ranger (membership is free). Signup is easy. We provide scripts and voter records to call. Click here to signup and join the Rangers.

If you are already a Ranger click here to get started. No one likes to make calls, but I can tell you they work. And for each call we make as a team today and tomorrow, I will try and keep pace by shaking as many hands of Virginia voters as I crisscross the state campaigning. Chip Saltsman my campaign manager is joking now that we will have to bring a cooler of ice-packs to keep the swelling down. If that is the case, my swollen hand is going to be a real badge of honor. I am so proud of our team. Lets go after this together.

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