Friday, January 11, 2008

They Said It: "Thompson Rocks Tonight"

It wasn't just the media who had great things to say about Sen. Fred Thompson's debate performance. On FOX News, Frank Luntz's focus group had Sen. Thompson overwhelmingly winning the debate.

"Fred was on a roll." (, 01/10)

"Thompson Roars...Mr. Thompson comes in swiftly and sharply to this discussion and blasts Mr. Huckabee." (New York Times Blog, 01/10)

"Fred Thompson came to play tonight... he's scoring some points tonight." ( 01/10)

"Thompson took off after Huckabee." (, 01/10)

"Mr. Thompson rocks tonight." (New York Times Blog, 01/10)

"Mr. Thompson is out-toughing his rivals tonight on illegal immigration." (New York Times Blog, 01/10)

"Fred drops a daisy cutter on Huck." (, 01/10)

"He's laying the smack down, that's for sure. Fred is about South Carolina, and made it clear who his target is." (, 01/10)

"Mr. Thompson draws the biggest applause of the night so far with his litany of accusations against Mr. Huckabee, including the charge that he is basically a Democrat." (New York Times Blog, 01/10)

"This is a fine, fine performance by Fred Thompson." ( 01/10)

"Thompson Goes After Huck...Thompson's offensive gets audience cheers." (, 01/10)

"The guy is showing himself, of late, to be a fairly decent debater. This little rant against Huckabee was strong." (, 01/10)

"Could that be the sound of Thompson bouncing?" (, 01/10)

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