Thursday, January 10, 2008

Romney to Supporters

Dear Friend,

I want to send out a huge thank you to all the Team Mitt members who helped Governor Romney finish very strong in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Now, let’s get ready for Michigan and together, let’s take Mitt’s message of change to even more Americans. You helped us get to where we are today, and it will be you who sends Mitt all the way to the White House.

Remember: to date, Americans have cast more votes for Governor Romney then any other Republican candidate.

This race is wide open, and with your help, we are going to win Michigan.

Republican voters in Michigan, like those all across the country, know that Washington has failed them, time and again. That Washington has made promises without delivering and they are tired of waiting for change.

We will bring the change that Michigan and folks across the nation are looking for.

Some of you may be asking how. How are we going to win Michigan and the Republican nomination? Well, the path to victory is quite clear. Our Strategy team has laid out the path to victory in a memo fresh off the printer. Read it for yourself at, and send it along to everyone you know.

The rally that allowed Mitt to close it to within a few points in New Hampshire is strong, memorable and growing. Now we are going to bring that rally for change right on over to Michigan!

See you there,

Beth Myers
Campaign Manager
Romney for President

P.S. Please read the memo and forward this message to all of your friends, family and neighbors, thanks again.

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