Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bloggers on Thompson

Fred Thompson Isn't Broke
By Jay Lets just end the meme once and for all that Fred Thompson's campaign is hurting for money. How about second place in the third quarter? Second only to the millionare Mitt Romney. How about $12828111? Now, can we please shut that meme ...
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Audio: Fred Thompson on EarmarksBy Sean Fred Thompson has become the only Republican candidate with a substantial plan to reduce federal spending. One element is earmark reform:. Provide President with Line-Item Veto Authority. Congress can provide this authority without a ...
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Marblehead Regiment -- Blogburst for Fred Thompson
As I said, the blogburst was a success, but the race is far from over. Money is only a part of the equation. What really counts are people. Voters who are convinced that Fred Thompson is the clear conservative choice.
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Post-announcement Fred Intel
By Josh Painter(Josh Painter) Gary Worthan endorses Fred Thompson Thompson hammers home conservative bona fides Tommy Oliver's full Fred Thompson endorsement Galen: A day on the Iowa campaign trail with FDT Thompson touts voting record, time-tested values ...
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Rush Limbaugh asks Evangelicals to Look at Fred Thompson
Here a portion of what Rush said: "My question for you evangelicals is this. If you’re looking for a real conservative, why are you supporting Huckabee? He’s completely discredited himself. What about Fred Thompson? ...
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