Monday, January 7, 2008

Bloggers on Hunter

Duncan Hunter to make an announcement
By Michelle Malkin Just in from the Hunter campaign. […] Read the rest » -

Duncan Hunter to withdraw?
Manchester, NH -- California's own Duncan Hunter, ostensibly a Republican candidate for president, has scheduled a "major announcement" at 11 am (PST) "regarding the future of his presidential bid." ...
Democratic Underground Latest... -

ABC, Fox Exclude Duncan Hunter, Facebook Complicit
By thelastinkling While that debate was in progress, Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter, who was excluded by ABC from the debate, held a forum/townhall meeting at the Radisson hotel in Manchester, New Hampsire. Hunter was joined by former Senator Bob ...
The Duncan Hunter Grass-Revolt:... -

Nevada Republican Assembly Endorses Duncan Hunter
By Red S Tater(Red S Tater) Duncan Hunter Wins 3rd in Wyoming; Endorsed by Nevada Republican Assembly! Fellow Duncaneers and Rangers, we told you of the Hunter campaign’s “below the radar” strategy of targeting Wyoming, Nevada, and Michigan. Now see the results! ...
Red Stater -

Fox News Excuse to Keep out Ron Paul & Duncan Hunter...Rubbish
When Ron Paul was excluded from the Fox News New Hampshire debate, he staged his own town hall meeting that was broadcast from a public access TV station.
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