Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thompson's Troops

We've received an overwhelming response to our request for volunteers to help Fred win the South Carolina Primary - the First in the South. Troops are already on the ground canvassing neighborhoods, contacting voters and joining the crowds at Fred's Bus Tour stops!

The momentum Fred has built over the past 24 hours has been extraordinary. Thursday night, Fred dominated the Fox News Debate and Frank Luntz's focus group said "Clearly it was Fred Thompson who won the debate." Click here to watch Fred in the debate, proving he's the only consistent conservative in the race.

Yesterday, Human Events, the influential weekly conservative periodical, endorsed Fred after concluding that "Thompson is a solid conservative whose judgment is grounded in our principles."

Fred is on a roll and we need more Thompson's Troops in Columbia, Charleston, and Greenville to help Fred win the South Carolina primary on January 19th!

Make History with Fred Thompson

As we head into the final week before South Carolina's primary, the campaign is asking for the help of its strong grassroots organization. This campaign began as a grassroots attempt to bring Fred Thompson into the race, and it will continue to work with those same grassroots activists to ensure a strong performance on January 19th in South Carolina.

Commit to Travel to South Carolina

In the final week before the primary, we are asking you to commit your time and resources to the South Carolina primary. We need volunteers who are willing to:

Recruit supporters at local events
Help mobilize and turn out our Fred supporters in the final days and hours before the primary
Make phone calls
Go door-to-door
The campaign is looking for volunteers who are willing to pay their own way (travel, lodging, and food expenses). If you can commit to this we will work with you to:
Fly into a specific location
Help locate affordable accommodations
Train and explain the tasks you will perform while in South Carolina
Have a great time

Time Frame

We need volunteers anytime between today and January 19th. Any amount of time you can commit will benefit the organization, but we will especially need help in the final 72 hours before the primary on Saturday January 19th.

Financial Commitment

It is important that campaign finance limits and restrictions are followed when a volunteer is using their resources when traveling on behalf of the Friends of Fred Thompson Campaign. If you have any questions or concerns, please click on this link (FEC Volunteer Rules) to read a full explanation of rules and regulations.

To join Thompson's Troops email or call 360.921.3321 or click here.

Thank you in advance of your hard work. A victory in South Carolina will give Fred the momentum to capture the Republican nomination.

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