Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thompson to Supporters

I can't even begin to thank you enough for your support of our Red Truck Challenge 2.
Thanks to you we have funded Fred's entire South Carolina media campaign and have gone on to start funding critical voter contact programs that will complement our excellent ground game and give Fred the extra push he needs to win in the state.
So, thanks to you, Fred is poised for success.
Fred's dominating performance in the Thursday debate on Fox is serving as a catalyst for people to take a second look and reconsider their support. Also, there are still loads of undecided voters in the state who are taking their first look at him.
This is important because voters will realize that Fred is the clear conservative choice in this race that has held consistent conservative positions and will:
Fight amnesty and benefits for illegal aliens.
Cut your taxes and fight to keep a prosperous economy.
Protect our security against Islamic radicals.
Be 100% pro-life
Fred is continuing to make this case to South Carolina voters on his bus tour, and is being received by enthusiastic crowds at every stop.
What's really amazing is that the mainstream media is actually starting to notice and give him credit! Read this story from today's New York Times.
Fred is able to do this because of you--you have been a terrific friend and he will always be appreciative for your support.
So will I. Thanks for all you've done. Let's keep it up...we've got lots of miles to go!
William B. LacyCampaign Manager

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