Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ron Paul: Fact Check: Huckabee Flip-Flops, Misleads on Immigration

Despite what pro-Mike Huckabee push polls may claim, Huckabee does not have a conservative record on key issues when compared to Congressman Ron Paul.

Birthright Citizenship

Huckabee flip-flopped on ending birthright citizenship. (source: NATION/992492919/1028/ELECTION)

Ron Paul has not wavered in his support of ending birthright citizenship for illegal aliens. (source: reform/)

Scholarships for Illegal Immigrants

Mike Huckabee supported taxpayer-funded scholarships for illegal aliens and defended that position on the campaign trail this summer. (source: 104629), (source: frtHEAD02POL011308.htm)
Ron Paul has always opposed welfare for illegals while in Congress (source: state/)

Minuteman Endorsement

Huckabee gives the impression that he has the Minuteman group endorsement, when in fact the Minuteman official to support Huckabee has been roundly criticized by numerous Minuteman groups for backing Huckabee. (source: founder_over_hu.php)

Minuteman groups around the country have praised Dr. Paul for his work on immigration issues and are working to get him elected. (source: /20071227/NEWS/71227027/-1/SPORTS01), (source: south-carolina-minutemen-support-ron-paul/)


Huckabee opposed the DREAM Act which would give college grants to illegal immigrants writing on his campaign website that “it would have put us on the slippery slope to amnesty for all. Because once we open that door [to amnesty] even a crack, we'll never get it closed again.” However he favored and defends the same type of scholarships in Arkansas. (source:, (source: News&storyid=104629), (source: frtHEAD02POL011308.htm)

Ron Paul has been praised by Minuteman and “Citizens for Tom Tancredo” groups for his opposition to amnesty. (source)( /20071228/NEWS09/712280388/-1/)

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