Saturday, January 19, 2008

News Roundup

Party divisions concern Hoekstra - MI,USA
Although Hoekstra said he could support just about any Republican candidate who wins the nomination, he said he has serious reservations about former ...

Republican scramble turns to SC
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
Yesterday, the candidate talked about the rising unemployment rate and the gloomy economic outlook, pointing out that he was the first Republican candidate ...

Party ties mean less as voters shift their allegiance
Seattle Times - United States
Some religious voters are conservative when it comes to abortion, but not the environment or poverty programs — positions shared by Republican candidate ...

Dirty tricks in race to White House
Toronto Star - Ontario, Canada
No Republican candidate has yet grabbed hold of this race. "I think most South Carolinians believe there is no place in South Carolina politics for this ...

Romney goes on defensive
Reno Gazette Journal - Reno,NV,USA
In a final touch-down-and-go campaign stop in Reno, Republican candidate Mitt Romney defended himself against the flurry of negative push polls that have ...

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