Saturday, January 5, 2008

Romney News Roundup

Romney's divided strategy
Chicago Sun-Times - United States
BY ROBERT NOVAK Sun-Times Columnist MANCHESTER, NH -- Desperate to save Mitt Romney's Republican presidential campaign in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, ...

McCain Web Ad Blasts Romney
Atlantic Online - USA
ANNCR: "Mitt Romney compares himself to John McCain and their public service and says, 'I've actually been leading.' ROMNEY: "You sit down with your ...

EJ Dionne Democrats gather in outsiders
Indianapolis Star - United States
Mike Huckabee's decisive victory over Mitt Romney in the Iowa caucuses marks a revolution in Republican politics. An outspent outsider triumphed over a ...

Romney attributes Iowa loss to faith
Salt Lake Tribune - United States
By Thomas Burr PORTSMOUTH, NH - Presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Friday attributed a big part of his Iowa loss to the fact his main competitor had an ...

Camp: Romney's message will work in Michigan - MI,USA
Mitt Romney's second-place finish in the Iowa caucus will make Michigan more critical to the state native's quest to win the White House, a mid-Michigan ...

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