Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bloggers on Romney

Are Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney Too Managerial?By Team Member(Team Member) The Wall Street Journal has an article out about how Mitt Romney's campaign is being run by himself and his business partners. It is quite interesting. It points out that good and the bad aspects of such an approach. ... MCDAC Blog -

Strategy For A Stronger America: The Romney Agenda For Tomorrow
The future is now and the only by changing Washington will we be able to solve the great challenges confronting our country today. Washington is broken and unable to meet the challenges ahead. Governor Romney has proposed a Strategy for ... Mitt Romney For President News -

Mitt Romney’s Supporters the new Ron Paul Loudmouths?
By Kevin In the weeks before the caucus, I’ve noticed a sudden surge in negative and spiteful comments being left on this blog… not from Ron Paul’s devoted internet base, but Mitt Romney’s. Although, he doesn’t have much of an internet base, ... Kevin Tracy -

Mitt Romney, political pundit
At a town hall meeting at a community center in Manchester, Mitt Romney said his experience in business, rescuing the Olympic games and as governor of Massachusetts underscored his ability to change the status quo. ... Trail Blazers -

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