Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Giuliani Ad: Ready

America's next President must understand that the threats we face are real and require we meet them with strength, not weakness. A dangerous world looms with threats gathering over the horizon and America must stay on offense to keep its people safe.

Click here to watch Rudy's new TV Ad, "Ready"

In these dangerous times, America needs a proven leader. Rudy Giuliani has been Tested by crisis, he is Ready to defend America and he understands that the time to confront this enemy is Now. Rudy will keep us on offense in the Terrorists' War on Us and he supports a policy of victory in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just as the Greatest Generation defeated Nazi tyranny, and their sons and daughters brought the world in from the Cold, a new generation of Americans must now vanquish a brutal enemy in Islamic fundamentalism. With Rudy Giuliani as President, America will have a Commander-in-Chief committed to that cause.

Sincerely, Patrick OxfordCampaign ChairmanRudy Giuliani Presidential Committee

P.S. To watch Rudy's new TV Ad, "Ready," please click here.

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