Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thompson News Roundup

Thompson Blames Media For Denting His Campaign
Memphis Daily News - TN, USA
STEP RIGHT UP: A Fred Thompson supporter sells campaign buttons recently on the town square in Lawrenceburg, Tenn., the hometown of the former Tennessee US ...

Political spinmeisters keep nattering
Arizona Republic - Phoenix,AZ,USA
Case in point: Fred Thompson gets third and that is considered bad; he may not have any money and he may have to quit the race, etc. ...

Thompson Tennessee-Waltzes Past New Hampshire
CQPolitics.com - Washington,DC,USA
By Marie Horrigan, CQ Staff Presidential hopeful Fred Thompson declared his third-place finish in last Thursday’s Iowa caucuses — behind winner Mike ...

Thompson Supporters Fend Off Rivals
NewsChannel5.com - Nashville,TN,USA
COLUMBIA, SC (AP) -- It doesn't matter to South Carolina state Republican David Hiott's colleagues that he's an avowed Fred Thompson supporter -- his phone ...

Memo to Fred Thompson
Huffington Post - New York,NY,USA
At ABC's debate last Saturday night, Fred Thompson asked Ron Paul whom the United States had invaded before Iraq and Afghanistan. The other candidates and ...

Thompson act wears thin
Hollywood Reporter - United States
By Paul J. Gough MANCHESTER, NH -- It takes a "Law & Order"-style investigation to find Fred Thompson on the campaign trail. ...

ATR: McCain and Thompson Leave Door Open to Tax Hikes
Reuters - USA
John McCain and Fred Thompson -- have made a written commitment to the American people promising to oppose and veto income tax increases. Sen. ...

Fred Thompson On Change
Gather.com - Boston,MA,USA
by Rob Port The buzzword of the debates tonight seemed to be “change.” Everyone seemed to think it was a good thing, but they all seemed to have differing ...

Fred Thompson: NEA union tries to 'scare people'
MLive.com - MI,USA
Fred Thompson's education views deal with federalism, states rights and empowering parents to make decisions for their children -- not government. ...

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