Sunday, January 20, 2008


Tonight, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) issued the following statement on the South Carolina Presidential Primary:

"Tonight, I congratulate Senator McCain and Governor Huckabee for a spirited campaign here in South Carolina. They worked hard and deserve credit for doing so well here. South Carolina voters should also be congratulated for braving bad weather conditions and voting in spite of the elements.

"Given today's results, I am more confident than ever that Mitt Romney will be our next President. After Governor Romney's lopsided wins in both Michigan and Nevada this week, it is clear he has real momentum heading into Florida and Super Tuesday.

"Exit polls here in South Carolina and Nevada indicate that the economy was the number one issue today and that will only help Mitt Romney as we move forward. Governor Romney understands Washington is fundamentally broken and needs reform. Mitt Romney also knows exactly what it will take to turn our economy around and get government off the backs of the middle class and small businesses.

"This will be a long campaign season and, the longer it goes on, the clearer it will become that Mitt Romney is the Republican who can unite the Reagan coalition of economic, social and strong defense conservatives."

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