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Governor Mitt RomneyFox News' "Fox News Sunday"January 20, 2008

Governor Romney On The Need To Change Washington To Strengthen The Economy:

Governor Romney: "We're going to have to cut back in Washington. I know how to do that and get Washington back on track. This is fundamentally, I believe, an election about changing Washington, about doing to Washington what has to be done to get America back on track so that we can re-grow our economy. I'll tell you one thing, Chris, the only way you're going to have somebody who understands how to rebuild an economy is to have somebody who's been in the economy, who knows what it's like to see jobs come and go, who's fought to try and build businesses and build jobs. We're competing around the world now with China and India, tougher competition than we've ever faced before. It's going to be helpful to have a President who when we're looking at agreements that work out with other countries on trade that knows what impact those agreements will have on American jobs. Who knows, for instance, when there are tax incentives put in place how it's going to change jobs in this country. I am intimately familiar with how our economy works. I'm working very hard to make sure that the workers of this country have a brighter future, and I will never accept the idea that jobs are gone in America. I'm going to fight to bring back jobs and to grow this country."

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Governor Romney On His Economic Stimulus Package:

Fox News' Chris Wallace: "As you talked about, the economy is now job one, issue one for voters. Politicians are scrambling right now to announce, each of them, their own economic stimulus package to avoid a recession. You announced yours yesterday. A number of tax cuts for individuals and businesses and the price tag for your plan would be $233 billion, which is much bigger than the plan that President Bush announced on Friday. Are you saying that his is too small to do the job?"

Governor Romney: "Well, I like mine better. I'll tell you that and there are two reasons. One is mine has a very large dose of long-term growth incentives. It's not just designed to be a short-term stimulus, but rather a long-term growth boost and that's not only by allowing capital expenditures to be expensed over these next two years, but also lowering the corporate tax rates so that we can get more businesses to stay here and grow here. And then something I'm particularly fond of, it says for anybody in the workforce 65 and older, neither the company nor the individual is going to have to pay Social Security payroll taxes, FICA if you will. And by virtue of that elimination, you're going to have more people stay in the workforce. That's going to help grow our economy. I'm proud to have a number of pro-growth features that will build our economy long-term. You really have to divide my incentive plan between those things that are long-term in nature and those things that are short-term and stimulative. I think it probably divides about fifty-fifty."

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