Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Governor Romney On Getting The Economy Going Again (CNBC's "Squawk Box", 1/23/08):

CNBC's Joe Kernen: "First thing to talk about is are we headed for a recession and what should we do about it?"

Governor Romney: "Well, I think all indications were that we were headed for a recession, but I think the action by the Fed, and I think also stimulative action out of Washington could potentially keep us from going too far over that tipping point and actually bring the economy back to more stability. I certainly hope so."

Kernen: "Some of the things we see on the table right now most are temporary. I look at your plan, I see the word 'permanent' in many more places. Can you explain what you think we ought to do?"

Governor Romney: "I think what we should do is take action both of a short-term stimulative nature, but primarily, our action should be to pull forward some of the long-term growth objectives that we had, such as lowering the corporate income tax rate. That kind of an act will long-term help our economy, encourage businesses to stay and grow here, have businesses have more capital to invest back in the U.S. Those kinds of actions, I think, have the long-term effect that we'd like to have as well as lowering the tax rate. Lowering tax rates on individuals, particularly the savings rate on individuals – capital gains and dividends and interest – those will create long-term growth in the economy. A combination of short-term and long-term effects, I think, is the best to get our economy going again."

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Governor Romney On The Experience Needed To Strengthen The Economy (Bloomberg, 1/23/08):

Bloomberg's Lizzie O'Leary: "You have said repeatedly that Washington is broken, that you want to bring your experience from the private sector. But are there things about governing, is there an art to governing that doesn't come from private sector experience?"

Governor Romney: "Of course there is, and I had the experience of serving as governor, as you know. But I must admit that there's a lot more common than uncommon between the two. The principles of leadership apply whether you're in a voluntary sector or the private sector, or the governmental sector. And I'm sure those that have been in government a long time want you to think it's not that way. But I can assure you that if you have principles that you believe are important and you actually understand how the economy works, it makes a big difference when you're sitting down talking about what it takes to get the economy going again."

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