Thursday, January 17, 2008

Giuliani to Supporters

What a week it's been! This week Rudy kicked off his first Florida Bus Tour as he began barnstorming across the Sunshine State. Florida marks the beginning of the first delegate rich contests of the primary season. The winner in Florida will receive a prize of 57 delegates and the real momentum heading into February 5th.

So far, four different contests have gone to three different candidates and the race for the nomination is wide open. Recent polls in Florida have proved that Rudy's strategy has defied conventional wisdom and dumbfounded the pundits who said it would never work. Rudy is right at the top of the pack in Florida but he needs your help to finish strong.

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This past week has seen hundreds and thousands of people turn out for Rudy's events. The enthusiasm we encounter all over the state is astounding. From Pensacola down to Miami, Florida is Rudy country.

Please take some time to visit Rudy's Media Center to view our brand new TV ads. Check out the exciting news from Florida and take a look at the wonderful photos of Rudy's Bus Tour.
On To Victory!

Bill McCollum
Florida State Chairman
Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee

Statement by Giuliani's Florida Chairman Bill McCollum On Early Voting in Florida
"This year, Florida Republicans are playing a pivotal role in choosing our party's presidential nominee. Starting today, Floridians will have an opportunity to let their voice be heard by casting their vote at early voting locations across the state. As Republicans cast their ballots, I urge voters to choose the only candidate who is a true fiscal conservative, has been tested and is ready to provide strong leadership for the country as the next President of the United States - Mayor Rudy Giuliani."

Giuliani Campaign Announces the Catastrophe Advisory Committee
The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee announced the Catastrophe Advisory Committee. This group will advise Mayor Giuliani on the needs of local communities in preparing for and responding to hurricanes and other natural disasters, in addition to the creation of a National Catastrophic Fund.

Rudy Giuliani Outlines Plan to Cut Taxes and Reform the Tax Code
Mayor Rudy Giuliani outlined his plan to cut taxes and reform the tax code in a speech in Melbourne, Florida. The Mayor's tax cut plan - the most aggressive of anyone running for President - aims to spark the American economy, lower the tax burden on Americans and help businesses create jobs, while eliminating wasteful government spending in Washington.

Rudy Hits Florida, Talks Mideast
As Rudy Giuliani launched an intense campaign this week in Florida...the Republican candidate praised the leaders behind the current U.S.-backed peace push.

Rudy Touts His Plan for National Catastrophe Fund
Mayor Rudy Giuliani touted his plan for a national catastrophe fund in Florida. Rudy's plan would act as a federal insurance backstop for those affected by natural disasters. Rudy is the first and only Republican Presidential candidate to endorse such a plan.

Rudy's Bus Tour Round Up
Check out some of the news coverage of Rudy's Bus Tour.

Flatter, Fairer, Simpler Tax System will Lift Bleak Economy
In a guest column in The Tallahassee Democrat, Mayor Rudy Giuliani talked about his plan to turn around our economy by enacting the largest tax cut in American history. At a time when many Americans are worried about our economy, I am optimistic about our ability to remain the most prosperous nation in the world. The choice is ours: We can continue to be a country where people dream big dreams and have the means to achieve them. The way to do so is by enacting a strong pro-growth policy of tax cutting.

Rudy's Afghan Strategy
Chief Foreign Policy Advisor Charles Hill details Mayor Rudy Giuliani's Afghanistan surge strategy that will add an additional 10,000 combat troops under American command to help win the Terrorists' War on Us.

"Taxes. Insurance. Housing. All a mess. But Rudy Giuliani knows how to fix those. He reformed welfare before others tried. And delivered more tax relief than the other Republicans combined. Now Rudy will jumpstart our economy with the biggest tax cut in modern history. Eliminate wasteful spending. And he's the only candidate who'll fight for a national catastrophe fund to reduce insurance rates."- Rudy Giuliani, TV Ad, "Jump Start"

Click here to watch Rudy's TV Ad, "Jumpstart."

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