Saturday, January 5, 2008

Giuliani News Roundup

In NH Giuliani says he's for change, too
Boston Globe - United States
AP Writer / January 4, 2008 SALEM, NH—Having sat out the Iowa caucuses, Rudy Giuliani returned to New Hampshire Friday to campaign for the primary, ...

9/11 turns against Rudy Giuliani
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
Rudy Giuliani has not had a good month. He’s slipped in the polls, the wisdom of his multi-state strategy has been called into question, and he could use a ...

Giuliani catches on to the “change” theme
Politics on the Hudson - White Plains,NY,USA
He didn’t compete that hard in Iowa, but Rudy Giuliani seems to have heard the talk that emerged from Thursday’s caucus about this being a “change” election ...

Pro-Life Groups Not Surprised Abortion Support Hurt Rudy Giuliani ... - Helena,MT,USA
“Voters in the heartland of America overwhelmingly supported five different pro-life candidates over pro-abortion candidate Rudy Giuliani," he told ...

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