Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fred Thompson Note to Supporters

Today is the big day--Iowa Caucus Day!

And--once again--we need your help.Fred is poised for a strong finish. Pollster John Zogby reports a late Fred surge.

But Fred needs your help.

Get out your Christmas card list, your PDA, your Rolodex--any list you might have of families and friends in Iowa. If you don't know anyone in Iowa, you can visit our website and make calls today on Fred's behalf.

Call them.


Tell them you believe in Fred and why.

Ask them to caucus for Fred tonight. If they need information have them call our Iowa State Headquarters at 515-276-9427.

This is really important because Fred can do well tonight. Why?

1.Fred is making a huge effort at the end, concluding our two week bus tour that will have visited over 50 key Iowa cities and towns and hitting media markets that contain 75% of the GOP caucus participants. Click here for the latest recap from the road.

2. We have an incredible ground game that utilizes hundreds of volunteers from Iowa, Tennessee and tons of other places. All were out yesterday working hard for Fred in spite of two degree temperatures! Today, they are out again.

3. Fred has key endorsements from Congressman Steve King, a conservative icon in Iowa, and from conservative activist Bill Salier who had been chairing the Tancredo campaign.

4. Our TV spot, "Substance," will be seen by about 85% of caucus goers 13 times. Fred's message is getting through to the people we need to reach.

5. Finally, there has been a lot of interest in Fred's "Message to Iowa Voters" video, which has been viewed over 137,000 times on the Internet. You can also help us get ready for the next big push in South Carolina.

Please make a donation of $25, $50, $75 or $100 right now.

Every penny helps!
Donate today.
William B. LacyCampaign Manager

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