Wednesday, January 23, 2008

McCain to Supporters

Dear Supporter,

After a crucial win in South Carolina, the focus of the campaign has turned to Florida. We are competing to win this important state and are getting ready for the big contest on Super Tuesday.

We already passed a historical test. Since 1980, every Republican candidate who has won two out of the three first states (Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina), has gone on to win the nomination. I am very proud of our New Hampshire and South Carolina wins. My friend, we have defied the pundits and are well positioned to win the nomination, but we still have a way to go. We have a primary contest in Florida next Tuesday and then we are off to Super Tuesday on February 5th - where over 20 states will hold their caucuses or primaries on a single day.

Imagine that - we are running to win in over 20 states at the same time. We are talking about travel, mail, television, signs and phone calls that all have to be coordinated. I am pleased that people are pouring into these states by the thousands to volunteer for our cause - do you have time to help? If you do, please let us know immediately by following this link.

If you don't have time to volunteer yourself, I hope you will make a donation to the campaign so that we can fund all of the activities it will take to be simultaneously competitive in so many states! Believe me, the sheer volume of townhalls, rallies, phone calls, emails and radio spots is overwhelming. We need your help and we need it today. Will you make a contribution to the campaign right now?

While we are proud of our progress so far, there are still a lot of voters who are not familiar with my lifelong records of conservative leadership on wasteful pork spending and lower taxes. We need your help right now if we are going to get our message out before Super Tuesday.

Thank you again, my friend. Now is the time to go back to your core supporters for that last bit of help to push us over the top and I count you among that group. I will always be grateful for your assistance and friendship.

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