Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This afternoon in South Carolina, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) endorsed John McCain for President of the United States. Congressman Wilson issued the following statement on his endorsement.

"In this presidential campaign, until today, I have remained uncommitted as much as possible. And it hasn't been easy. I serve in Congress with my friend former Chairman of Armed Services Duncan Hunter. Of course, as we all know, Congressman Hunter has now withdrawn his candidacy.

"I also have respect for the other candidates, and I have great respect for leaders in South Carolina who supported the various campaigns.

"But Saturday, the world of the Republican Party changed. The campaign in our Presidential Primary here in South Carolina has now been resolved; Eighty percent of the counties I represent and my home communities of Lexington and Richland all supported Senator John McCain. The message is clear: win the War Against Terrorism, unite our Party, rebuild the Reagan coalition, and prevail in the November Election.

"To win the general election, we simply must unite social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, and national defense conservatives into a single, powerful movement. I am now convinced that John McCain is the leader the Republican voters of the Second District have overwhelmingly chosen for that task.

"The most crucial issue we face today is national defense in the midst of war. I believe that John McCain is best prepared to serve as commander in chief, especially now that our nation is under attack. His background, experience, and judgment have uniquely prepared him for the presidency.

"As we all know, years ago, Senator McCain stood with President Bush when we changed course in Iraq and gave us more boots on the ground, at a time when few had the courage to stand-up and speak out. I am grateful for the success our troops are experiencing.

"On a personal note, every day, I thank God our president followed Senator McCain's advice. I have four sons in the military, one with recent service in Iraq and another who is currently serving there. After eight visits with the troops in Iraq and five visits with the troops in Afghanistan, I am more convinced than ever that to protect American families at home we must stop the terrorists overseas.

"At last, we have turned the corner in that war. I have seen firsthand in the streets of Ramadi of Anbar Province that the terrorists are losing. Freedom is winning. The troop surge is working. And General David Petraeus and John McCain were right.

"Senator McCain also has a positive plan for the economy. For years, John McCain has been a staunch opponent to earmarks and urged the government to cut spending. And now, our economy is facing a crisis. As President, John McCain will be prepared to cut taxes and spending. That approach alone will re-invigorate our nation's economy.

"And finally, Senator McCain is also a strong social conservative. On the issues of life, families, and moral values, John McCain has a consistently conservative record. And that's another big reason why he won the election Saturday.

"At this moment, the presidential nominating process is entering its final phase: first to Florida, then to the national primaries on February 5th. This will be the most important election in our lifetime. We are facing a global war against Islamic radicals; and we are also fighting a struggle against potential recession here at home.

"The time has come to choose. And I believe the message from South Carolina can be summed up in one sentence: John McCain is the one Republican best prepared to unite our Party, inspire our nation, and lead America as commander in chief during the critical years ahead.

"That is why I support the candidate who can best achieve victory in the Global War on Terrorism. Today, I endorse John McCain for President and offer to do all I can to help him win. Thank you."

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