Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bloggers on Thompson

Fred Thompson on Terrorism
Former Senator Fred Thompson declared he'd run for president in September, 2007. Here are Thompson's views on the war on terrorism, the Iraq War and Homeland Security. Paranormal Phenomena:... -

I believe Fred Thompson …
By brvanlanen As for me I agree 100% and encourage you to go to and also Pinnacle Cascade to see how while the others claim to be conservatives Fred Thompson is the only one who is the clear consistent conservative.
Try 2 Focus -

GOP Write-Ins Beat Fred Thompson
By Cosmo(Cosmo) Total Republican write-ins received 3987 votes (2%), while Fred Thompson garnered 2768 votes (1%). Tonight in South Carolina, Thompson told supporters "All of my buddies who are running for president this year are up freezing in New ...
New Hampshire Presidential Watch -

“No Clear Frontrunner”
By Sean The next battlefield is South Carolina, where voters are far more conservative than in New Hampshire and deeply concerned about illegal immigration in America. Fred Thompson is uniquely positioned for victory in the Southern states. ...
Fred File – The Friends of... -

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