Friday, January 4, 2008

Bloggers on Romney

Campaign Manager Beth Myers On The McCain Campaign And Push ...
On Thursday, January 3, Romney for President Campaign Manager Beth Myers issued the following statement regarding the McCain campaign and push polling allegations. Mitt Romney For President News -

Mitt Romney let 118 killers and raptists go early By John Aravosis (DC)(John Aravosis (DC)) Some 118 killers and rapists were sprung early from prison under former Gov. Mitt Romney’s watch even as he has expressed outrage on the presidential campaign trail over a judge who freed a violent ex-con now accused of killing again. ... AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves... -

A Stern Warning to the “Conservative Elites” about Mitt Romney
A coalition of leaders on family issues has released a letter warning about what they describe as the deception being assembled around former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. ... Boston Blogs - Boston's blog network -

My Mitt Romney Problem (And Yours?)
Mitt Romney is an immensely talented and accomplished figure. In many ways, he looks like an ideal antidote to George W. Bush – an “MBA President” who actually knows how to run a business, a Republican politician who’s smooth and ... Ross Douthat -

Mitt Romney 2008
By Ted Dawson(Three Men in a Tub) Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has shown he is not afraid to run for President. He has made posters, bumper stickers, and even delivered numerous speeches, one behind a very presidential-looking podium. ... Three Men in a Tub -

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