Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bloggers on McCain

Romney’s Hometown Paper Endorses JOHN McCAIN!!!
By tonygoprano No matter whose ox is being gored, John McCain puts the country first. He is the leading critic of congressional earmarks to fund pork-barrel projects. He has co-sponsored campaign reforms to slow the influence of money in politics. ...-

John McCain - Running The Table in New Hampshire!
By pathickey(pathickey) John McCain has given the American People a Candidate around whom they can unify the Republic and set the country's course with his Straight Talk and confident stewardship. Here's the Franklin Pierce/WBZ Poll: New Hampshire Presidential .... . . With Both Hands -

Technology Voters' Guide: John McCain
Republican wants strong laws protecting children from sexual predators online. He also wants to keep Net connections tax-free. Special coverage: Election 2008.CNET -

John McCain: 'the Comeback Grandpa'
By (Toby Harnden) Extraordinary event at John McCain’s Iowa headquarters in Urbandale tonight. A couple of hundred supporters and maybe even more press crammed in to see the Arizona senator mount a last-minute push for third place. ...Telegraph Blogs -

Sharing our Iowa picks -- and seeking yours!
By Ryan J. Rusak John McCain: 18 percent Romney's organization strong enough to muscle results. Huckabee is a crowd favorite. Third-place finish gives McCain big mo for New Hampshire ----- Dave Levinthal, City Hall reporter, guest-starring in Iowa ...Trail Blazers -

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