Friday, January 4, 2008

Bloggers on Hunter

Numbers USA: Before YOU Vote! (Duncan Hunter BEST rating on ...
By thelastinkling Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) and Sen. Fred Thompson as considerably better on immigration than Romney. That’s why Thompson got the endorsement from Iowa’s Rep. Steve King, another of the powerful leaders for immigration reduction in the US ...The Duncan Hunter Grass-Revolt:... -

Duncan Hunter: Don't Whine. Keep Working
Fred says he won't quit if he does bad in Iowa, but people are still asking me who my second choice would be. If Fred quits I'll go with the only other conservative that doesn't, Duncan Hunter. This is an example of why. ...Stop The ACLU -

Duncan Hunter soldiers on
By Michelle Malkin Copley News Service follows Duncan Hunter on the campaign trail. […] Read the rest » -

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