Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bloggers on Huckabee

Ministers Who Support Huckabee Receive Anonymous Warning Letters
By Gus Spoon(Gus Spoon) Iowa pastors who support Republican Mike Huckabee for president have received letters warning them that getting involved in politics could endanger the tax-exempt status of their churches. Several pastors who have publicly backed ...Mike Huckabee for Colorado -

Mike Huckabee on The Early Show - 1/3/2008
Governor Mike Huckabee speaks with The Early Show's Harry Smith about his Presidential campaign.Digg / upcoming -

Mike Huckabee’sa Christian? I had no idea …
By wickle In what might be the silliest complaint ever — edging out even the “floating cross” controversy — CNN has broken the scandal that Mike Huckabee, yes, the same Mike Huckabee who used to be governor of Arkansas and before that was … well, ...A True Believer's Weblog -

Jay Leno, Jon Stewart — Why Mike Huckabee Can Win It All
By fundyreformed Mike Huckabee has an outside chance of winning the Republican nomination. It all starts today with the Iowa Caucus. Perhaps his biggest negative is a common assumption that he can’t win it all. He’s too conservative and too Baptist. ...Fundamentally Reformed -

SCAB! Mike Huckabee Unaware That Leno didn't have Deal w WGA
Presidential Republican Nominee Candidate Mike Huckabee crossed the picket line in LA thinking that Late Night tv had a special deal with the WGA to come back on the air. ONLY David Letterman and Craig Ferguson, who had made a separate ...Digg / upcoming -

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