Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scott Reaches 500 Miles on His Walk of Georgia

State Representative Austin Scott, a 2010 gubernatorial candidate, announced today that he reached the end of the first half of his Walk of Georgia. Reaching the halfway point of his 1,000 mile walk, he stopped at Brantley County High School in Nahunta and spoke to a group of local business owners. Coincidentally, this was the same high school where Scott gave his very first speech after announcing his candidacy for Governor.

The Walk of Georgia began on June 27th in Chickamauga. To show that he is willing to go the extra mile as Georgia's Governor, Scott is walking 1,000 miles across the state, often through communities that no other statewide candidate has visited before. The walking and listening tour will take Scott through a total of 48 Georgia counties. "Candidates talk about listening to the voters of Georgia but never really give them a chance to be heard. I'm changing that with my Walk of Georgia," he explained.

Rep. Scott is enthusiastic about the input he has received on what the largest issues concerning Georgians are. "I've had the opportunity to meet many of Georgia's citizens and talk to them about their concerns," he went on to say. "The number one concern among most Georgians is the current state of the economy. People are worried about money, higher costs of living, food and other basic necessities. The steady increase in these things is eroding disposable income for the families who still have a job. Georgia's future depends on these families being able to create jobs and stability."

Their second greatest concern is funding for public education. "I believe that it is better to spend money in education at the beginning rather than before it's too late. I know from my time in the House that Georgia's largest budget item is education, and for good reason: it's clear that good schools lead to stronger communities. Georgia needs jobs and well educated workers to help our workforce continue to grow in the 21st century, to remain competitive and to help our state's economy," Scott said. "We must be competitive in the methods we use to educate our children."

Scott walks an average of 15 miles each morning and will continue to do so until his walk ends at the steps of the State Capitol in Atlanta. When he has completed this Walk, he will have a perspective and knowledge that no other candidate in this race will have: "This campaign is about Georgians, and that's why it's important for me to take my campaign on the road. I am bringing my campaign's message of servant leadership and conservative reform to every corner of this state. I want to listen to the people's ideas on how they think the problems we all face can be solved. Everyone wants to see a Governor who is a statesman that represents the people's interests, someone who understands their needs firsthand and is willing to listen. Over the next 500 miles I hope to continue to separate myself as the candidate best suited to meet these needs."

Georgians are invited to participate by walking alongside Scott, or by following his progress online at, where visitors can read his daily blog and view videos from his walk. Utilizing the web to get the word out about his Walk as well as social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, Scott has been able to reach Georgians all throughout the state.

Austin Scott is a Republican from Tifton serving House District 153 and is Chairman of the House Governmental Affairs Committee. He also serves on the Rules, Ways and Means, and Appropriations Committees. He is married to Vivien Scott and has one son, Wells. For more information about Austin Scott, visit us online at
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