Sunday, July 19, 2009


Pet peeve: candidates who don't have contact information on their campaign websites.

Pet peeve: candidates who have "under construction" web sites without any contact information or anything that gives a flavor of who the candidate is and what they stand for... Pretty pictures don't help when you want to know something about a candidate.

Pet peeve: candidate contact info at the bottom of the page that is so small, so faint, that a magnifying glass is needed to see it.


Also bad: no press contacts, no campaign staff contacts.

And another... sign up for email updates without the ability to put in a message.

I'm in the process of updating the campaign section on the Georgia Front Page. I'm amazed at how many candidates don't do a basic spell check on their website info...

Candidates have a tendency to forget that they are trying to sell themselves.

What kind of message does it send to constituents and potential voters if they can't easily find contact information???

OK, I've vented. I love all you guys, I really do ... I'm voting for every single one of you even if I can't find a phone number, snail mail address or email address. You have some beautiful websites. Some of you have fantastic websites and did everything just perfect.

I'm going to go back and see what kind of info I can dig up on more candidates so we can give you the latest in our Georgia Front Page candidate section.

Working, working and keeping an ear out on the British Open. Yep, know I should be in church instead, but have a bug of some sort so have an excuse!

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