Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Contract with Peachtree City, Shelby Barker, PTC Council Candidate

The last couple of months have been an awesome start to our campaign. I have met many people around the community that have expressed concerns about the path our city government has taken over the past several years. These feelings of concern displayed by fellow citizens have led me to establish a written commitment of innovative ideas that will ensure Peachtree City remains the best community in the world. You will find that under my contract with Peachtree City, I take strong stances in favor of Peachtree City’s quality of life. If you find that you support the contract please visit my website to join the cause.

I want to create a new legislative rule regarding re-zoning initiatives. This rule will require a four out of five majority in favor of re-zoning in order to pass the initiative. The new rule would limit voting blocks on council and make it harder for the council members to deviate from the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

I stand strongly against the selling off of city assets in order to balance the budget. These facilities are jewels of our community.

I will promote government efficiency by consistently asking staff to provide areas in which our government can be more resourceful. I will guide them to continually look at instances where creating a private partnership may better benefit the general public i.e. landscaping crew. We must also continue to examine areas that are low priority that can be cut from the budget.

I will call for a restructuring of fees across the board. We should encourage innovative fee ideas such as a yearly recreational pass that provides year round access to recreational facilities an increased usage fee structure for out of city residents.

I stand firmly against further big box development, unnecessary annexations, or higher density rezoning.

I will make cart path maintenance a top priority. The upkeep of our cart path system has been pushed to the back burner for too long. We must begin to actively improve our system today in order to save ourselves from more costly repairs tomorrow.

I support the most open government possible. We should greatly reduce “consent agenda” items and executive session meetings. I will also call for the city to utilize more venues in distributing information to the public.

I will work closely with our county commissioners, state representatives and members of Congress to ensure that Peachtree City’s opportunity for investment and quality growth is maximized.

I am unapologetically against any proposal that move the city away from the village concept. Thus, I am opposed to proposals like Calullah Hills, which will ultimately abandon our village concept.

I commit to supporting the needs and requirements of an efficient, effective, and well trained police and fire department.

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