Sunday, July 12, 2009

Republican Candidate Ray McBerry Announces the Launch of the “States' Rights Tour” Across Georgia

Note: We realize this is technically "old" news... we received it on June 29th. However, we overlooked it and so we're correcting our error by posting now:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ray McBerry is pleased to announce the launch of the “States' Rights Tour” across Georgia beginning August 1, 2009 in Cherokee County. The tour will cover the entire state during the months of August through October.

States' Rights has recently been a topic much in the news as traditional conservatives across America look for a constitutional solution to an out-of-control federal government; and Ray McBerry has been one of the leading speakers across America on the subject of States' Rights for more than a decade. The theme of Ray's campaign for governor, from the beginning, has been “Georgia First!”

The subject of States' Rights took on a more prominent place in Georgia news in May when the state joined twenty-two other states in passing State Sovereignty resolutions in the Georgia State Senate under the authorship of Sen. Chip Pearson.

Recent attacks by Democratic gubernatorial candidates, including Roy Barnes, against the States' Rights stand taken by several Republican candidates have led off with Ray's photo and references to Ray's comments about the constitutionality of States' Rights under the Tenth Amendment. Responding to these attacks, Ray commented, “I have been speaking out on the need for the states to, once again, exercise their sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to rein in an out-of-control federal government in defense of the people's liberty. I am more than happy to be the 'point man' for States' Rights in this race for governor.”

The “States' Rights Tour” will be joined by State Insurance Commissioner candidate Gerry Purcell and a number of other statewide and local candidates and elected officials who have expressed their mutual support for the principle of States' Rights.

More information about the upcoming “States' Rights Tour” will be available shortly at or by contacting Jenny Hodges, campaign director for Ray McBerry for Governor, at 404.435.8852.
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