Tuesday, July 21, 2009

John Oxendine signs Georgia Right to Life Pledge

On his way out the door to Northside Hospital for the birth of his son, John Oxendine signed one of the strongest pro-life pledges in the country. The pledge, crafted by Georgia Right to Life, affirms the importance of a human life amendment to the Georgia Constitution.

“If elected, I will use the power of the Governor’s office to create an environment where abortion providers will not want to do business in Georgia any longer,” said Oxendine, now the proud dad of a new baby boy. “The Oxendine Administration will enforce existing laws and use the state Constitution to put Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers out of their grizzly business.”

Oxendine believes life is a precious gift from the Creator. He says that abortion is the taking of that precious gift, an innocent life. “As Governor, I will oppose abortion at any point of gestation,” said Oxendine. “In those rare cases where the life of the mother is endangered by a continuation of the pregnancy, sound medical practice would dictate that every effort should be made to save both lives.”

Oxendine also believes that adoption is a viable, positive solution for those individuals or couples unwilling or unable to care of their child. He says that government should support policies that facilitate the adoption process, thus making it easier to place children with eligible couples.

“As Governor, I will promote and reinforce policies that protect life,” said Oxendine. “Our support for all life should be supplemented by an amendment to the Georgia Constitution proclaiming a paramount right to life, and I intend to use my office to move this legislation forward.”

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