Monday, July 13, 2009

McBerry: The Largest Campaign Organization in the Race for Georgia Governor!

Speaking at the Independence Day Tea Party at the capitol on Saturday, Ray McBerry announced that his campaign organization in the Governor's race now has 250 coordinators across the state and more than 800 volunteers on the ground, making his “Georgia First” campaign the largest organization of any candidate in the race for Governor on either the Republican or Democratic ticket.

Commenting on John Oxendine's recent practice of referring to himself as a “grassroots candidate,” Ray had this to say at the Tea Party: “With 250 coordinators, 800 volunteers, and more coming onboard every day, this is truly a grassroots campaign. While John is out hiring his “volunteers” – isnt that an oxymoron – we have more volunteers in our campaign than John has money in the bank to buy.”

Explaining the reason for the exploding growth in volunteer numbers in only three month's time, Ray said, “The people of Georgia are ready for a strong conservative leader who will stand up to Washington. It is apparent to everyone who hears us both speak that Ray McBerry is that candidate, not John Oxendine. John is the kind of 'conservative' who waits for the newest issue, licks his finger, sticks it to the wind, and puts out a press release... or two... or three. By the time next July rolls around, all of Georgia will know that the only strong conservative in this race for Governor is Ray McBerry.”

Ray concluded, “Now that we have demonstrated our ability to field a large and effective volunteer organization, I am excited about beginning the fundraising phase of this campaign.”

A candidate who is strong on principle, articulate on the issues, and willing to stand up to Washington is what continues to draw multitudes of new supporters to the Ray McBerry for Governor Campaign.
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