Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oxendine Files June 30 Report - Over One Million Cash on Hand

Team Oxendine reported $1,006,869.54 cash on hand after filing the June 30th off-election
year report. The actual amount raised during this reporting period is slightly under

"John Oxendine's positive message offering real solutions for the issues facing Georgia is resonating with people all across the state," said Tim Echols, campaignmanager. "We believe that Mr. Oxendine's Contract with Georgia offering specific policy solutions for the people of Georgia is a big part of the reason why. People are looking for a leader with answers."

"Everywhere I go in Georgia, people have been enthusiastic about my campaign for Governor," said John Oxendine. "Our Contract with Georgia, with its focus on abolishing the state income tax, implementation of a national fair tax, and attention to important social issues, has connected with conservative Ronald Reagan voters."

"John Oxendine remains the only candidate who is actually defeating Roy Barnes in independent polls," said Echols. "With this strong report and his lead in every poll to date he remains the clear frontrunner."

"The credit goes to Mr. Oxendine's statewide network of volunteers because of their enthusiastic support," said Echols. "Commissioner Oxendine is confident he will have the funds necessary to defeat Roy Barnes."

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