Friday, July 17, 2009

Karen Handel for Governor E-Update:

A Great Week!

We had a terrific week and really got around to meet a lot of people. I spoke to a good group of Home Depot employees on Monday and told them that -- when it comes to this campaign -- I can do it, but I need their help. I don't think I could get away with stealing their slogan for our bumper stickers but it seemed to go over well at this gathering.

I also spoke to the Gwinnett Chamber, attended the Snapping Shoals Electric Membership Corp. Annual Lunch, and addressed the Spalding County G.O.P. (where we had a serious run on bumper stickers -- a personal benchmark I use to gauge enthusiasm).

This weekend we'll head to Hiawassee with a contingent of energetic volunteers for the Georgia Mountain Fair Parade on Saturday.

The Washington Democrats Go Wild on Taxes

The Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress are frankly scaring the heck out of people more and more. The latest? A plan to take small businesses, family farmers and couples making $350,000 a year, call them millionaires, and tax them to pay for a socialized health care program. That’s a strange way to create wealth.

Call me crazy, but I think taxing small businesses and entrepreneurs is the last thing our government should be doing right now, and we need to fight back hard against this.

I am a strong supporter of the FairTax. Eliminating the federal personal and corporate income tax, capital gains, payroll, gift and estate taxes, and replacing them with a revenue-neutral personal consumption tax would create a much fairer tax structure for families and businesses. It will also encourage savings. We should also repeal of the 16th Amendment and take away the federal government’s authority to levy income taxes. This would return the powers to tax to the American people.

We need honest, real tax reform – a complete review of all state and local taxes and a new, simplified tax code that normal people can understand. That is what I am going to do as Governor.

Illegal Immigration

There has been lots of new talk in Washington about illegal immigration. Those Washington politicians are always good for a chuckle. The fact is that while they talk, they have failed to protect our borders – which is one of their few clear responsibilities after all. And now that they have let millions of illegals into the country, they want to give them the right to vote and provide them free health care at our expense.

I pushed a law that would make people prove their citizenship when they register to vote. It passed and the courts approved it.

Now the Obama Justice Department has told us that we can’t enforce this law. They want to bring ACORN down to Georgia to sign up illegals and turn them out to vote on Election Day.

Well I am fighting them as Secretary of State and you’d better believe I am going to keep fighting them with your help.

Everyone, thanks for your continued support as I push forward in our campaign for Governor.

Your friend,

Karen Handel

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