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"In a strong tone, McCain said 'never again will there be a mismanaged natural disaster,' later assuring the crowd that 'it will never happen again in this country, you have my commitment and my promise.'" -- CNN

McCain Says "Never Again":
The Wall Street Journal: McCain "Clearly Disturbed By The Crumbling State Of The Lower Ninth Ward." "Even so, Sen. McCain was clearly disturbed by the crumbling state of the Lower Ninth Ward. He toured a four-block area with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a popular young Republican rumored to be among potential vice-presidential picks." (Elizabeth Holmes, "McCain Condemns Federal Response To Katrina," The Wall Street Journal, 4/25/08)

USA Today: "McCain Promised Thursday That The Federal Government Won't Be So Slow After The Next Big Storm." "Surrounded by gutted homes in the Lower 9th Ward, Sen. John McCain promised Thursday that the federal government won't be so slow after the next big storm." (Rick Jervis, "McCain Pledges Faster Disaster Response," USA Today, 4/25/08)

· CBS News: McCain "Promised, If President, That The Government Won't Mishandle A Disaster Response The Way Katrina Was." "John McCain toured the lower 9th ward of New Orleans today, an area heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina, and promised, if president, that the government won't mishandle a disaster response the way Katrina was." (Dante Higgins, "McCain Promises New Orleans: 'Never Again,'" CBS News' "From The Road" Blog, 4/24/08)

· Fox News' Carl Cameron: McCain "Condemned The Government's Actions Before, During And After The Storm In Harsh Terms." "Republican presidential candidate John McCain toured five blocks in the Lower Ninth Ward of Katrina- ravaged New Orleans. He strolled past 10-foot piles of debris and homes that three years after the storm still remain uninhabitable. Then he condemned the government's actions before, during and after the storm in harsh terms." (Fox News' "Special Report With Brit Hume," 4/24/08)

· McClatchy: McCain Makes "Bold Promise" To New Orleans. "John McCain made a bold promise Thursday to this still-staggering city, where the legacy of Hurricane Katrina is evident in blocks of abandoned homes and trash-strewn streets. 'Never again,' McCain said during a press conference in the city's Lower Ninth Ward. 'Never again will a disaster of this nature be handled in the terrible and disgraceful way that it was handled.'" (Matt Stearns, "McCain Vows 'Never Again' To New Orleans," McClatchy, 4/24/08)

Ninth Ward Resident Mary Croom: "I'm just happy to see him coming here. He's interested in what's happening here." (Juliet Eilperin, "McCain, In Lower Ninth Ward, Blasts Bush Katrina Response," The Washington Post's "Trail Blog," 4/24/08)

Calvin Young Of The Ninth Ward "Glad To See" McCain. "Calvin Young, 83, a retired civil servant, said he was glad to see McCain's entourage moving through his neighborhood. He hopes something comes of it. Young is still waiting for his home to be rebuilt, he said. 'He now knows what's wrong,' Young said. 'Now he just has to remedy it.'" (Rick Jervis, "McCain Pledges Faster Disaster Response," USA Today, 4/25/08)

The Associated Press: McCain Says "It Is Time To Stop Studying How To Build A Costly Category 5 Levee System And Get Working On It." "Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, said Thursday it is time to stop studying how to build a costly Category 5 levee system and get working on it. During a tour of New Orleans, McCain said building more robust levees and restoring the Mississippi River delta's wetlands and barrier islands is imperative." (Cain Burdeau, "McCain For Big Levee, Wetlands Projects In Louisiana," The Associated Press, 4/25/08)

McCain Wraps Up Week Going "Where Republicans Rarely Go":
The New York Times: McCain Spent A Week Going "Where Republicans Rarely Go." "The visit was near the end of a weeklong tour of swaths of the country where Republicans rarely go: the Black Belt of Alabama, the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, the Appalachian coal-mining hollow in Appalachia where President Lyndon B. Johnson declared his war on poverty in the 1960s." (Elisabeth Bumiller, "McCain Criticizes Katrina Response As 'Disgraceful,'" The New York Times, 4/25/08)

CNN's Campbell Brown: "And Louisiana Is The Latest Stop On McCain's Time For Action Tour. He's Targeting Now Voters That Republicans Almost Never Win." (CNN's "Election Center," 4/24/08)

CNN's Dana Bash: McCain Visiting "Places Republican Candidates Rarely Go." "This is the finale of a weeklong tour of places Republican candidates rarely go, a civil rights symbol in Selma, a shuttered plant in a blue-collar town, impoverished Appalachia, all intended to appeal to independents and some Democrats by creating an image of a different kind of Republican." (CNN's "Election Center," 4/24/08)

The Washington Times: Katrina Recovery And The Economy Dominate McCain Visit. "The continuing Katrina recovery and the U.S. economy dominated Mr. McCain's visit to this city, in the fourth day of his tour through areas in the U.S. hard-hit by economic woes." (Jon Ward, "McCain Slams Bush For Katrina," The Washington Times, 4/25/08)

In The Headlines:
Baton Rouge Advocate: "Senator Vows Better Crisis Response" (Sarah Chacko And Joe Gyan, "Senator Vows Better Crisis Response," Baton Rouge Advocate, 4/25/08)

CBS News: "McCain Promises New Orleans: 'Never Again'"(Dante Higgins, "McCain Promises New Orleans: 'Never Again,'" CBS News' "From The Road" Blog, 4/24/08)

Los Angeles Times: "McCain Says: Never Again"(Maeve Reston, "McCain Says: Never Again," Los Angeles Times, 4/25/08)

McClatchy: "McCain Vows 'Never Again' To New Orleans" (Matt Stearns, "McCain Vows 'Never Again' To New Orleans," McClatchy, 4/24/08)

New Orleans Times-Picayune: "McCain Says Federal Katrina Response 'Disgraceful'" (David Hammer, "McCAin Says Federal Katrina Response 'Disgraceful,'" New Orleans Times-Picayune, 4/25/08)

USA Today: "McCain Pledges Faster Disaster Response"(Rick Jervis, "McCain Pledges Faster Disaster Response," USA Today, 4/25/08)

The Wall Street Journal: "McCain Condemns Federal Response To Katrina" (Elizabeth Holmes, "McCain Condemns Federal Response To Katrina," The Wall Street Journal, 4/25/08)

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